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2016-09-30Watanabe, AkiraTakasaki, IsseiOui Championship
2016-09-30Sato, ShinnyaKondou, SeiyaOui Championship
2016-09-30Waki, KenjiTakeuchi, YugoOui Championship
2016-09-30Izumi, MasakiTakami, TaichiOuza Championship
2016-09-30Iizuka, HirokiSasaki, MakotoKisei Championship
2016-09-30Ishikawa, AkioKatagami, DaisukeKisei Championship
2016-09-30Kawakami, TakeshiAoshima, MiraiKisei Championship
2016-09-30Nozuki, HirotakaKubota, YoshiyukiKisei Championship

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Our site development is subject to open discussion on Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/shogihub/

New Atom feed is implemented in the top page, publishing all updates of ShogiHub. (The old Atom feed for the Events page is removed.)
Official release with a new top page.
ATOM feed is implemented in the World Shogi Events page.
Active Professional Players page is added.