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2021-12-06Fujikura, Yuki245289Ishida, NaohiroRyuou TournamentClass 5
2021-12-06Ito, Sae52知花賢Ryuou TournamentClass 6
2021-12-06Kobayashi, Kenji123318Kuroda, TakayukiRyuou TournamentClass 6
2021-12-06Nakata, Isao176296Miyamoto, HiroshiRyuou TournamentClass 6
2021-12-06Funae, Kohei281314Ikenaga, TakashiOuza Championship
2021-12-06Nagase, Takuya276182Sato, YasumitsuKiou Championship
2021-12-06Goda, Masataka195264Toyoshima, MasayukiKiou Championship
2021-12-07西山朋佳33Satomi, KanaWomen's OuzaTitle match, Game 3

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Our site development is subject to open discussion on Facebook Group:

ShogiHub development has restarted! Interface will be improved, and the official news release translation is going to restart.
New Atom feed is implemented in the top page, publishing all updates of ShogiHub. (The old Atom feed for the Events page is removed.)
Official release with a new top page.
ATOM feed is implemented in the World Shogi Events page.
Active Professional Players page is added.