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Shogi Workshop By Ms Madoka KitaoWorkshop
Start time2015-05-16 09:30
End time2015-05-16 12:00
PlaceJapan Creative Centre (4 Nassim Road, 258372 Singapore )
GuestsKitao, Madoka
ContactThe Japan Creative Centre, Embassy of Japan (
The Japan Creative Centre, Embassy of Japan is delighted to present a Shogi (Japanese Chess) workshop back again this year. This Shogi workshop will be conducted by Ms Madoka Kitao, a professional Shogi player who joined Ikuseikai of Japan Shogi Association when she was 17 years-old. In 2000, After 3 years of competitions, Ms Madoka was granted 'lady Shogi professional player.'
Ms Madoka used to appear on NHK TV's nationwide broadcast program as "Shogi Koza", with Manabu Senzaki 8 Dan every Sunday morning from October 2009 to March 2010. Ms Madoka is the acting CEO of Nekomado Co., Ltd. which she incorporated in January 2010, to promote Shogi around the world. She publishes "Koma doc," a free paper for Shogi amateurs and books related to Shogi. Her love for Shogi has inspired her to contribute as a master on 81
Shogi simulates the mind, and Madoka would like to share that with everyone in Singapore once again. Madoka invented " Dobutsu Shogi, Let’s catch the Lion" a small Shogi variant of 3 X 4 squares which is simple and enjoyable. It has now become the best selling Shogi related game, in Japan.
For this year's workshop, Ms Madoka will be emphasising on the Japanese aspects of Shogi,such as the etiquette of playing the game, the greetings exchanged before the game and how the Shogi 'tops' are placed. There will be a Hands On session at the end of the workshop for participants to play Shogi and children are also welcome to join. For those who missed the last workshop, this is your chance to join in the fun. Participants from last year's workshop are also welcomed to experience her enhanced workshop!