ShogiHub / Event: 2nd Open Shogi no Kokoro

Event Detail

2nd Open Shogi no KokoroTournament
Start time2018-05-19 09:30
End time2018-05-20 13:00
PlaceCentre Cívic Casinet d'Hostafrancs (Room 4) (Carrer del Rector Triadó, 53, 08014 Barcelona - Spain)
ContactShogi no Kokoro Association (Cristian López)
Dear friends and shogi fans, we are proud to announce our second shogi tournament which will be celebrated on 19 and 20 of may.
The tournament consists of 6 rounds of 40 minutes and 30 seconds byoyomi.
Swiss system/MacMahon depending on the registered players.
Registration will be made the same day 19 from 9:30 a.m to 10:00 p.m, the price is 10 euros (7.5 euros for the members of the association "Shogi no kokoro").
Pre-Registration in
During the tournament we will be able to eat some snacks and drinks.
09:30h Registration
10:15h First round
11:40h Second round
14:00h to 16:30h Lunch break
16:40h Third round
18:05h Fourth Round
10:10h Fifth Round
11:35h Sixth Round
13:00h Awards ceremony