ShogiHub / Event: Ukrainian Youth Open Shogi Championship - 2019

Event Detail

Ukrainian Youth Open Shogi Championship - 2019Tournament Star
Start time2019-03-23 09:30
End time2019-03-24 16:00
PlaceKiyv Shogi Club (Street Polovetska, 14, Kiyv Shogi Club)
ContactUkrainian Shogi Federation (Boris Baydenko (mobile: +380663410157
Ukrainian Shogi Federation invites Ukrainian and foreign citizen Shogi players to participate in Ukrainian Youth Open Shogi Championship - 2019, that will be held from 23th to 24th March 2019.
Those players, who at the time of the tournament are under 18 years, are invited to take part in Ukrainian Youth Open Shogi Championship.
1. The purpose of the tournament: Shogi promotion in Ukraine, determination of the strongest Shogi player in Ukraine among players under 18.
2. Tournament place and date: 23rd - 24th March, Kyiv Shogi Club, Polovetska street, 14.
3. Rules of the tournament: 6 rounds, McMahon system (or Swiss system in case of less than 16 participants).
4. Time control: 30 minutes for each player + 1 minute byo-yomi per move.
5. Special regulations:
a) Sennichite - the game must be replayed with a shortened time control: 10 minutes without byo-yomi.
b) Dzishogi - a score is calculated according to the "27-point system". (Rook and Bishop costs 5 points each, King costs 0 points, all other pieces - 1 point). A decision for the appearrence of one of these cases in the players' game is taken and fixed by the main judge of the tournament.
6. Tournament schedule:
March 23rd (Saturday):
11-30 - Opening ceremony
12-00 - 1st round,
14-00 - 2nd rounds
16-00 - 3rd rounds
March 24th (Sunday):
10-00 - 4th rounds
12-00 - 5th rounds
14-00 - 6th rounds
16-00 - closing and prizegiving ceremony.
7. Rewarding:
7.1. Participants who occupy 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in Ukrainian Youth Shogi Championship are awarded with medals, diplomas and valuable prizes.
7.2. The places in the tournament are determined according to the number of McMahon points (for the Swiss system - the number of scored points).
7.3. In the case of an equal number of McMahon Points (scored points), the places are determined using the following indicators (in decreasing order of priority):
- Buhgolz coefficient (SOS)
- Berger coefficient (SODOS);
- a result of game.
7.4. If all criterias from 7.3 point are still equal for the prize-winning participants, an additional competition will be held between them with conditions determined by the main judge of the tournament.
8. Contribution for participation in the tournament:
8.1. The tournament fee is 120 UAH
8.2. For participants under 14 years of age and for the Members of the USF the tournament fee is 60 UAH.
8.3 All expenses of players for participating in the tournament should be put on the sending organizations.
9. The main judge of the tournament is Boris Baydenko
tel: +38(066) 341-01-57
Preliminary registration is required. If you need help with non-expensive accomodation and meals, please contact via e-mail in advance.