ShogiHub / Event: 2nd Wrocław Shogi Open

Event Detail

2nd Wrocław Shogi OpenTournament
Start time2015-09-27 11:00
End time2015-09-27 16:30
PlaceWrocław (Wrocław, High school no 9, Piotra Skargi street 31, entry from Nowa street)
ContactThe NAMI Foundation and the Polish Shogi Association (Wojciech Jedynak <>, Krzysztof Sieja, Mariusz Stanaszek)
The Polish Shogi Association and the Polish-Japanese Friendship Foundation NAMI would like to invite you to the 2nd Wrocław Shogi Open on 27.09.2015.
Basic information:
5 rounds, 20 minutes basic time and 40 seconds byo-yomi
Start time: 11:00
Expected ending time: 16:30
Entry fee: 3 euro
System: we will try to use McMahon with two McMahon groups: one point at start for experienced, adult players and the other group will consist of children players.
Tournament referee: Mariusz Stanaszek
The tournament will be FESA rated.
Shogi instuctors from Cracow, Warsaw and Wrocław intend to bring their junior students, we expect more that 10 junior players, we will provide prizes for best children and small gifts for all juniors.