ShogiHub / Event: Shogi Day Celebration - 2019

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Shogi Day Celebration - 2019Tournament Star
Start time2019-11-16 07:00
End time2019-11-17 15:00
PlaceSamskara in Kyiv (8a Lvivska square, Kyiv)
ContactUkrainian Shogi Federation (Boris Baydenko (mobile: +380663410157
Dear Mr. and Mrs.,
Ukrainian Shogi Federation and invites you to take part in "Shogi Day Celebration 2019" tournament, dated to the Shogi Day (17th November).
The event will take place from 16th to 17th November in Kyiv (Ukraine), in Samskara in Kyiv (8a Lvivska square, 3rd floor).
Tournament rules: 6 round Swiss system
Time control: 40 minutes basic time for each player + byo-yomi: 1 minute per move
Tournament fee:
250 UAH (~8Є),
125 UAH (~4Є) for USF members
50 UAH (~2Є) for participants under 14
Prize giving:
The players, that took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in tournament, will be awarded diplomas and medals.
Worthy prizes from Kyiv Shogi Club:
1st place - 2500 UAH (~80 Euro)
2nd place - 1500 UAH (~50 Euro)
3rd place - 1000 UAH (~30 Euro)
Tournament schedule:
16th November (Saturday):
10-00 - 10-30 - registration,
11-00 - 1st round,
13-00 - 2nd round,
15-00 - dinner
16-00 - 3rd round
17th November (Sunday):
11-00 - 4th round,
13-00 - 5th round,
15-00 - dinner
16-00 - 6th round,
18-00 - closing/prize giving ceremony
Placement criteria (ranged in decreasing importance):
- Points
- the result of the party between the players.
In case all this criteria are still equal for the players in prize giving group, the additional competition will be judged between those players. Conditions of that competition will be settled by the tournament’s judge.
Special rules:
1) In case of sennichite the party will be replayed immediately with 10 minutes for each player time control (with no byo-yomi).
2) In case of zishogi the points will be counted according to "27-point Declare System". The player who has less than 27 points, loses (or the declarer loses in case if any one of the "27-point Declare System" conditions is broken). If both players have 27 points, White wins.
(Rook and bishop worthes 5 points each, king worthes 0 points, other pieces - 1 point each)
These two cases must be fixed by tournament’s chief judge (or his assistant).
All expenses for players’ participating in the tournament are charged from sending organizations.
Preliminary registration is by email:
Tournament chief judge – Boris Baydenko
Contact person: Boris Baydenko, mobile: +380663410157