ShogiHub / Event: 1st European Online Shogi Blitz Championship

Event Detail

1st European Online Shogi Blitz ChampionshipTournament StarStar
Start time2020-08-09 16:00
End time2020-08-09 20:00
Place81dojo (
ContactFESA, Thomas Pfaffel, Andreas Neumaier (
FESA would like to invite all European shogi players to the 1st European Online Shogi Blitz Championship played on August 9th on 81dojo.
August 9th 2020, CEST 16:00 / UTC 14:00
81dojo (
Round 1: CEST 16:00 / UTC 14:00
Round 2: CEST 16:30 / UTC 14:30
Round 3: CEST 17:00 / UTC 15:00
Round 4: CEST 17:30 / UTC 15:30
Round 5: CEST 18:00 / UTC 16:00
Round 6: CEST 18:30 / UTC 16:30 (if more than 32 participants)
Round 7: CEST 19:00 / UTC 17:00 (if more than 64 participants)
Thinking time:
5 min + 10 sec byoyomi
Knockout tournament with up to 128 players, max 7 rounds knockout (the losers of the semifinals will play for place 3)
Seeding for knockout done by FESA rating (last official published FESA rating list), if a player has no FESA rating alternatively his confirmed 81dojo rating will be used
Registration has to be done by registering on the tournament system page (
It is required to add additional info (real name and FESA rating) in the short message while registering or to send a separate mail (with username, real name and FESA rating) to
Registrations without the real name information will not be accepted!
Registration deadline:
August 8th 2020, CEST 16:00 / UTC 14:00
All European shogi players, max. 128 participants (decided by registration date)
Currently only European shogi players can join (European citizens + other players living in Europe).
If there are still places available, also other players can register for the tournament on the last 2 days of the registration period (August 7th + 8th) .
If players are not available or are not starting their games latest 5 minutes after the official start time for each round, the game is forfeited
Winner gets the title "European Online Shogi Blitz Champion 2020"
Awards for the first 3 players (prizes will be handed over at next year’s ESC/WOSC)
Special prize:
Best game award (every participant can nominate one game, either one of his own or someone else’s), a committee will decide. Nominations (Kifu-Id) have to be sent to
Organizing team and arbiters:
Thomas Pfaffel, Andreas Neumaier