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Swedish Shogi ChampionshipTournament Star
Start time2016-05-14 13:00
End time2016-05-22 16:00
PlaceScandic Swania (Storgatan 47-49, 461 26 Trollhättan)
Contact (
Dear shogi friends,
I welcome all of you to the Swedish Shogi Championship (SM) and Swedish Open Shogi Championship (SOSC) 2016.
The championships will be played in Trollhattan, slightly north of Gothenburg, in wonderful May weather. The dates are Saturday, May 14, to Sunday, May 15. The format is similar to the ESC and WOSC. SM is a knock-out event. Thus, both Swedish and foreign players can participate, and in the final rounds all players will fight each other in the SOSC.
The invitation can be found below:
Actually, the invitation is in Swedish, but I am sure that you will understand the basics anyway. If not, you are welcome to ask questions to the e-mail address below.
The pre-registered players are listed here:
If you want to participate, send an e-mail to:
You can also write any questions to that e-mail address.
Martin Danerud,
President of the Swedish Shogi Federation