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Shogi Festival 2016 / 1st Polish Open Youth Shogi ChampionshipsTournament Star
Start time2016-07-22 11:00
End time2016-07-24 11:00
Place ()
GuestsKitao, Madoka
ContactWojciech Jedynak (wjedynak@gmail.com)
Dear Shogi fans,
We would like to invite you to the second Shogi Festival in Wrocław (21-24.07.2016). The main event will be the 1st Open Polish Youth Championships (OPYC) held on the weekend (23-24.07.2016). OPYC will be a 9-round tournament played in U12, U15 and U18 categories; at the same time there will be a side tournament for the parents, teachers and everyone else.
Because of the support of our sponsors, we were able to invite Madoka Kitao, joryu 2-dan. Ms. Kitao will not only play teaching games, comment on the games etc, but we will also organize a Dobutsu shogi festival, using some of the ideas of a similar event held last year in Japan. We also intend to organize a shogi teacher's seminar on Sunday morning.
The registration site will be on-line soon, but if you need help with visa's etc, then please e-mail me. At this point we expect youth players from Ukraine and Russia and also strong amateur players from Japan and Germany.
The website contains the main rules (you can also find them below):
Hoping to see you in Wrocław,
Wojciech Jedynak
Tentative schedule of the Shogi Festival
Thursday, 21st of July
Dobutsu shogi workshop in the Wrocław ZOO
Friday, 22nd of July
12-16 Dobutsu Shogi Festival
18-22 A Shogi Evening with Madoką Kitao in the Wrocław Shogi Club at the Nami Foundation
Saturday, 23rd of July
10:00 Registration
11:00 Official opening
11-17 Rounds 1-5
18:00 Friendly football matches
20:00 Common dinner outing
Sunday, 24th of July
09:00 Shogi teacher's seminar
10:00-14 Rounds 6-9
~14:30 Price-giving ceremony
Rules of the Open Polish Youth Championship 2016 (OPYC)
The tournament is open to youth players from all countries.
There will be three categories: U12, U15, U18, where:
U12 is for players born in 2004 and later,
U15 is for players born in 2001 and later
U18 is for players born in 1998 and later.
Players that achieve places 1-3 in each of the categories will receive trophies and medals.
The tournament will consist of 9 rounds, the time limit will be 20 minutes and 40 seconds byo-yomi.
The tournament will use a modified Swiss system (see below). If in each category at least 10 players register, then each category will compete in a separate tournament. Otherwise, the three categories will compete together and we will pair the players so that they can play as many games as possible with players in the same category. The organizers will inform about the precise system used at the venue, when the number of participants becomes clear.
The tournament will be FESA-ranked.
Every player belongs to only one category.
In June we will open the on-line registration for OPYC. In order to prepare the tournament, the registration will be closed on Sunday, 17th of July, at 23.59.
Rules of the Side Tournament (ST)
The tournament is open to everyone, including players that can, but don't want to play in OPYC.
The tournament will consist of 9 rounds played using the Swiss system, the time limit will be 20 minutes and 40 seconds byo-yomi.
The rounds of OPYC and ST will be synchronized.
The tournament will be FESA-ranked.
In June we will open the on-line registration for ST. However, it will be possible to register at the venue before the tournament.