ShogiHub / Event: Birchington Shogi Tournament 2016

Event Detail

Birchington Shogi Tournament 2016Tournament
Start time2016-06-04 10:30
End time2016-06-04 17:45
PlaceSeaview Hotel, Birchington-on-Sea (96 Station Road, Birchington, Kent CT7 9RA)
ContactSteve Campbell (
Steve Campbell is running another shogi event in Birchington-on-Sea, Kent, after last years successful event. It will be held on Saturday, June 4th, at the Seaview Hotel, which is less than ten minutes' walk from Birchington railway station. (CT7 9RA, landline 01843-841-660). The tournament will run from about 10.30am to 5.45pm. As before, veteran players from the early years of shogi in the UK are particularly welcome. If you want to enter the tournament or make enquiries, please send an email to Shogi London or post a message on the Shogi London facebook page and we will provide Steve's contact details.
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