ShogiHub / Event: 1 Szczecin Open "the Noisiest Shogi Tournament"

Event Detail

1 Szczecin Open "the Noisiest Shogi Tournament"Tournament Star
Start time2016-11-05 12:45
End time2016-11-05 17:15
PlaceGaleria Kaskada ( al. Niepodległości 36, 70-404 Szczecin)
ContactAdrian Woloszyn ( 0048504491696)
I would like to invite You on the unique shogi tournament, where beyond fascinating games You can check if You can Focus on the game better thatn Your shogi friends in a really busy enviroment. 1,5 hour from Berlin 1 hour from See in Szczecin will start:
1 Szczecin Open – „the Noisiest Shogi tournament”
3 events Shogi and Chess Open tournament – Saturday, chess tournament for children -Sunday
4 runds 20+40 Swiss FESA rated
5.11.2016 12:45 In shopping Mall “Kaskada “, Niepodległości 36 street, 70-404 Szczecin, Poland
230 players in chess tournaments in previous edition
25 000 supporters that is daily average number of customer who will have to chance see shogi.
Registration and fees
No Fees, send email with Name and SureName on or sms on 0048 504491696
Previous edition
Accompanying Chess tournament
How to get:
- Airport in Szczecin 0,5h from city center
- Airports in Berli 1,5h from Szczecin city Center by bus:
- Polish trains,
- with car motorway A2 and then motorway S3,
Night satarts from 5 euro in hostel and 19 euro in private room