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Orita amateur shogi player has passed the professional transfer exam!

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Published at: 2020-02-26 06:00

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On Tuesday, February 25, amateur shogi player Orita Shogo took the fourth game of the professional transfer exam at Shogi Kaikan in Tokyo. As a result, Orita amateur player won to Honda Kei 5-Dan, and he passed the exam with his third win. Orita will become a shogi player on April 1, 2020.

【Results of transfer exams】
First game (November 25, 2019) ●Kuroda Takayuki 4-Dan-○Orita amateur player
Second game (December 23, 2019) ○Deguchi Wakamu 4-Dan-●Orita amateur player
Third game (January 27, 2020) ●Yamamoto Hiroshi 4-Dan-○Orita amateur player
Fourth game (February 25, 2020) ●Honda Kei 5-Dan-○Orita amateur player

【Comment from Orita Shogo】
I still have a strange feeling that I am becoming a professional player. In today's game (February 25), I couldn't make a decision for the move, and I had some difficulties in the middle of the game. It was not surprising me to lose the game after the victory seems certain. By distributing the YouTube video, I received a lot of feedback and these are motivating me to face to shogi. I would like to continue distributing YouTube as a professional shogi player.

【Profile of Orita Shogo】
・Hometown : Osaka
・Date of birth : October 28th, 1989
・Pupil of : Moriyasu Masayuki 7-Dan
・Enrolled to Shoureikai as 6-Kyu, 2004 (pupil of Moriyasu), withdrawn on 2016 as 3-Dan

Comments from the players


Sato Yasumitsu 9-Dan, President of The Japan Shogi Association
Congratulations on passing the professional shogi player transfer exam. All 4 games were very impressive. I am looking forward for your success as a shogi player that goes beyond the boundaries of the shogi world, making use of your individuality.


Segawa Shoji 6-Dan
Congratulations, Mr. Orita. I am very happy as a senior of the professional transfer.
Many people must have been encouraged by his excellent performance. I was encouraged, too. I'm looking forward to playing professional matches.


Imaizumi Kenji 4-Dan
Congratulations, Mr. Orita. Your achievement with believing in your power was really wonderful. And now the real match will start. Of course you have to win in shogi, but I think what you should do more than winning the game is to be loved by our fans. Each shogi player has their roles. Let's do what only you can do, and work hard together in the shogi world.

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Translated by Kaoruko Sasaki