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9-Dan Habu Yoshiharu to Appear in 81Dojo!

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Published at: 2020-04-08 08:50

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At 81Dojo, the free online playing site under the patronage of JSA, a teaching game event for the winners of the World Shogi League will be held for the third time. JSA invites you to come and watch the games.

9-Dan Habu Yoshiharu  7-Dan Nakamura Taichi  6-Dan Ohira Takehiro

81dojo-2.jpg 81dojo-3.jpg
6-Dan Toyama Yusuke  5-Dan Aoshima Mirai  Ladies 2-Dan Kitao Madoka  Ladies 1-kyu Styczynska Karolina

Start time Pro Amateur(81Nickname) Handicap
Japan UTC Hungary
4/12(日)18:00 April 12th Sun.9:00 April 12th Sun.11:00 Yoshiharu Habu 9dan Alexander Miszko
4/12(日)19:00 April 12th Sun.10:00 April 12th Sun.12:00 Taichi Nakamura 7dan Peter Puha
4/12(日)20:00 April 12th Sun.11:00 April 12th Sun.13:00 Yusuke Toyama 6dan Laszlo Abuczki

Start time Pro Amateur(81Nickname) Handicap
Japan UTC Ukraine
4/19(日)18:00 April 19th Sun.9:00 April 19th Sun.12:00 Takehiro Ohira 6dan Sergiy Krivosheya
4/19(日)19:00 April 19th Sun.10:00 April 19th Sun.13:00 Takehiro Ohira 6dan Sergiy Trokhymyshyn
4/19(日)20:00 April 19th Sun.11:00 April 19th Sun.14:00 Karolina STYCZYNSKA Ladies 1kyu Yashchur  Mykola

Start time Pro Amateur(81Nickname) Handicap
Japan UTC Malaysia
5/2(土)18:00 May 2nd Sat.9:00 May 2nd Sat.17:00 Mirai Aoshima 5dan Ng Teck Sen
5/2(土)19:00 May 2nd Sat.10:00 May 2nd Sat.18:00 Mirai Aoshima 5dan Tan Wei Hong
5/2(土)20:00 May 2nd Sat.11:00 May 2nd Sat.19:00 Madoka Kitao Ladies 2dan Tan Tzi Yang

Start time Pro Amateur(81Nickname) Handicap
Japan UTC France
5/10(日)18:00 May 10th Sun.9:00 May 10th Sun.11:00 Madoka Kitao Ladies 2dan Sebastien de GROOT
2 piece
5/10(日)19:00 May 10th Sun.10:00 May 10th Sun.12:00 Madoka Kitao Ladies 2dan Guillaume Tatti
2 piece
5/10(日)20:00 May 10th Sun.11:00 May 10th Sun.13:00 Karolina STYCZYNSKA Ladies 1kyu Tristan  Trannin

World Shogi League is a tournament between countries played by 3-player teams that are divided into four leagues: A, B, C, and D. It is organized by Thomas Pfaffel from Austria, who was aso the invited player of the 29th Amateur Ryuo Tournament. (Seee also: Anyone can watch the teaching games at 81Dojo.

On April 12th, there is also an English live broadcast by Ladies 1-kyu Karolina Styczynska:

※81Dojo's server has a certain capacity limit for number of online users. For details, please contact

Translated by Hidetchi