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Wada Hana becomes female professional 2-kyū from Sep 2020

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Published at: 2020-08-07 05:05

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Wada Hana, a member of B2 class at Kanto Kenshū Kai, aged 18, submitted the application for a certificate of female professional eligibility. She will become a female professional 2-kyū at Tokyo headquarters from Sep 1st 2020. The badge number assigned will be 69. As she is a younger sister of Wada Aki , a female professional 1-dan, Wada sisters will be the 4th female professional sisters followed by Nakakura sisters, Ōba sisters and Satomi sisters.

Wada Hana
January 14th 2002(18 years old)
Wako-shi, Saitama prefecture
Educational Background
Currently attending Waseda University
Fujikura Yuki 5-dan
Admission to Kenshū Kai
October 2011
Tactical Approach
Central Rook (中飛車 Nakabisha)
Winner of the 46th Women's Amateur Meijin Tournament
Watching baseball
Trigger of playing shogi
She learned how to play shogi by watching her family's games.
Translated by Miki Suemasa