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Report: Title Acquisition Ceremony of the 5th Ricoh-Cup Ladies Ouza

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Published at: 2016-02-25 13:40

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On February 19th, 2016, the title acquisition ceremony of the 5th Ricoh-Cup Ladies Ouza was held at Palace Hotel Tokyo in Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo, celebrating the title acquisition by Ladies Ouza Momoko Katou

Congratulatory speech by the sponsor (Shirou Kondou, CEO of Ricoh)

Congratulatory speech by JSA (Chairman Koji Tanigawa)

Presentation of Ladies Ouza Acquisition Letter

Presentation of the winner's cup

Presentation of memorial gift

Speech of toast: (Katsuyoshi Kondou, Senior Director of Nikkei Newspaper)

Congratulatory speech (Shigeki Nishihara, Mayor of Makinohara-city)

Speech of thanks by Ladies Ouza Momoko Katou
The title match turned out to be a 6-game match, while I and the opponent , Ladies Professional 2-Dan Sae Itou, tried our best to play good games. We know each other very well since the time she was in Shourei-kai, so I thought both of us know almost everything about each other's playing style and character, but inf fact maybe I had not known everything about her shogi.
The opponent always had the initiative, and I was put more and more in a pinch as the games went on. I was so tense in the last game, but I was able to hang in there at the last moment and took the last game. This made me have more confidence in playing shogi.
I am a Ladies Professional title holder and at the same time a Shourei-kai member. No matter what standpoint I take, there is no difference in my desire to become stronger. In official games, sometimes I feel I still have weakness. I definitely want to keep improving my shogi skills.

Presentation of bouquet (by Mr. Watanabe of Ricoh Black Rams rugby team)

Translated by Hidetchi