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Ladies 6-Dan Ichiyo Shimizu has Won 600 Games (Shogi Honor Award)

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Published at: 2016-11-28 12:00

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600勝達成後の清水女流六段Ladies 6-Dan Ichiyo Shimizu (47 years old) won her 600th victory in official Ladies Professional games, when she defeated Ladies 5-Dan Tomomi Kai on Novenber 28th in the 43rd Okada Museum Cup Ladies Meijin Championship at Shogi Kaikan, Tokyo. Shimizu is the second Ladies Professional player to achieve 600 wins, receiving Shogi Honor Award.

Shimizu's game record as of reaching her 600th victory
600 wins and 252 losses
(Total: 852 games, Winning percentage: 70.4%)

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