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Absense of Ladies 5-Dan Rieko Yauchi

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Published at: 2016-11-30 08:45

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Ladies 5-Dan Rieko Yauchi (36 years old) will be absent from tournaments from December 1st 2016 until November 30th 2017 for personal reasons. Listed below are the tournaments she will be absent from.
We appreciate the understanding by the sponsors and related parties of these tournaments held in the above mentioned period.

【Related tournaments】(In chronological order)
・44th Okada Museum Cup, Ladies Meijin Championship
・25th Oyama Meijin's Cup, Kurashiki Touka (Kurashiki Wisteria) Championship
・39th Kirishima Brewer Cup, Ladies Osho Championship
・7th Ricoh Cup, Ladies Ouza Championship
・11th Mynavi Ladies Open
・29th Ladies Oui Championship

Translated by Hidetchi