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8 Professionl Players to Offer Teching Games to the World Shogi League Winners

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Published at: 2016-10-27 09:50

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World Shogi League is being held at 81 Dojo, an online shogi playing site under the patronage of the Japan Shogi Association. 8 professional players (7-Dan Hirotaka Nozuki, 7-Dan Eiji Iijima, 7-Dan Yasuaki Murayama, 7-Dan Makoto Tobe, 6-Dan Akira Nishio, 6-Dan Taichi Nakamura, 5-Dan Shingo Itou, 5-Dan Taichi Takami) will play online teaching games at 81Dojo with 4 winner teams (12 players).

7-Dan Hirotaka Nozuki
7-Dan Eiji Iijima
7-Dan Yasuaki Murayama
戸辺 誠七段
7-Dan Makoto Tobe
西尾 明六段
6-Dan Akira Nishio
6-Dan Taichi Nakamura
5-Dan Shingo Itou
5-Dan Taichi Takami

What is World Shogi League?

World Shogi League is an international team championship started in January 2016, each country form one or more 3-player teams and play in round-robin leagues (4 leagues consisting of A, B, C, and D). 28 countries from 6 continents are currently participating, and each team play one match per month. The organizer is Mr. Peter Heine Nielsen (a chess grand master, and represented Denmark in the International Shogi Forum in Shizuoka).
The teaching games will be played around January and February next year. The games can be watched by any online users at 81Dojo.

Mr. Peter Heine Nielsen (Right. December 7, 2014.) player against Meijin Yoshiharu Habu at the International Shogi Forum in Shizuoka.

Translated by Hidetchi