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Players Moving Out to Free-class in 2017

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Published at: 2017-03-31 08:00

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The players who move out to Free-class in 2017 are the following.

9-Dan Moriuchi Toshiyuki
8-Dan Tosa Koji
8-Dan Urano Masahiko

9-Dan Moriuchi's comment
I hereby announce my decision to move out to the Free-class.
I reached this conclusion after dropping out of the A-class of 2016 Ranking League (jun-i-sen).
I have gained so much memorable experiences such as breaking the record of win streak in Ranking League as well as many games in the Meijin title match. I am full of gratitude.
Hereafter I will make use of this experience to support further growth of Ranking League tournaments and Meijin title matches from a different standpoint from the player

JSA Professional Player Toshiyuki Moriuchi
Translated by Hidetchi