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6-Dan Fujii Sota Promoted to 7-Dan

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Published at: 2018-05-18 14:00

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6-Dan Fujii Souta has been promoted to 7-Dan by being upgraded to Class 4 of Ryuo Tournament, winning a game against 6-Dan Funae Kohei in the semi-finals of Class 5 of Ranking Tournament in 31st Ryuo Tournament.

His promotion is because of "two consecutive upgrade in Ryuo Ranking Tournament". He reached 7-Dan at the age of 15 years and 9 months, which is 18 months shorter than the so far youngest record of 17 years and 3 months achieved by 9-Dan Kato Hifumi.

Link to the promotion regulations (in Japanese)

Fujii was promoted to 5-Dan in February by being upgraded in the Ranking League (Jun'isen), winning all games in C2-class of the 76 Ranking League. As shortly as 16 days after that, he received promotion to 6-Dan by winning the championship in the 11th Asahi Cup Shogi Open. This time he was promoted for the third time this year.

Date of promotion
May 18, 2018
31st Ryuo Tournament, Ranking Tournament Class 5
(opponent: 6-Dan Funae Kohei)
Reason of promotion
Two consecutive upgrade in Ryuo Ranking Tournament

Comments from players


JSA Chairman and 9-Dan Sato Yasumitsu
Congratulations for achieving the youngest record of 7-Dan promotion. Thinking of the fact that he was still 4-Dan at the beginning of the year, I am very surprised by the unprecedented speed. Even the games he played were also perfect. It is just great. I look forward to his further progress.


Ryuo Habu Yoshiharu
I am very surprised at his speed of being upgraded, becoming 7-Dan only 3 months after the promotion to 6-Dan in February.
His playing style in the games is such that he makes active moves, and is even improving. I look forward to his further progress.


Fujii's Master and 7-Dan Sugimoto Masataka
I admire his 3-time promotion in a year. I pay my respect to this strong player, who keeps making achievements.
It is a great joy for the master to have his pupil catch up to the same rank. I do not have any mixed feeling at all.


9-Dan Kato Hifumi
I heartily congratulate him on his rapid advancement and the youngest and quickest 7-Dan promotion in history. It is just amazing that he entered high-Dan region as early as in 15 years old. I am looking forward to seeing the never-before-seen things he will show to us in future, with his peerless talent, full spirit of exploration, and ceaseless passion.
Translated by Hidetchi