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Report: The 28th Ryu-ou Title Acquisition Ceremony

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Published at: 2016-01-19 16:05

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On Monday, January 18th, 28th Ryu-ou Title Acquisition Ceremony for Ryu-ou Akira Watanabe was held at the Imperial Hotel in Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo, attended by 150 guests including shogi fans and related parties. Winners of the Ryu-ou Ranking Tournaments also received medals on the same day.

Presentation of Ryu-ou Recommendation Letter (On the right is JSA Chairman Koji Tanigawa)

Presentation of Ryu-ou Cup (On the right is Shouichi Oikawa, Supreme Advisor of Yomiuri Newspaper Group)

Presentation of medals to the winner of each class of Ranking Tournament
第28期竜王就位式_03 第28期竜王就位式_04
Left: Class-1 winner: Meijin Yoshiharu Habu
Right: Class-2 winner: 7-Dan Akira Inaba
第28期竜王就位式_05 第28期竜王就位式_06
Left: Class-4 winner 6-Dan Takuya Nagase
Right: Class-5 winner 6-Dan Shintarou Saitou
Class-6 winner 5-Dan Shouta Chida

Congratulatory speech by the guest of honor (Katsunori Aoki, Mayor of Katsushika-ward, Tokyo)

Presentation of bouquet (by students of Children's Shogi School "Kiyu-kan")

Speech of thanks by Ryu-ou
I always wanted to become the Ryu-ou again, hearing people still calling me "Ryu-ou" even when I had lost it. I didn't think I would get a chance this early. This time I had a special feeling about playing against Ryu-ou Itodani in that I play a title match against a younger opponent than me for the first time. Because of that, I was so tense, thinking that I must not lose this match. The 5th game, which became the deciding game, happened to be a king-entering game by the opponent, and just ended all of a sudden, so I couldn't feel it was real. But now that I've gone through this Acquisition Ceremony, I'm feeling the reality of becoming the Ryu-ou again, and I am very happy. The next year I will be on the side to defend the title. I will try to defend it for as many terms as possible.

Translated by Hidetchi