ShogiHub / News release: "Satoshi-no-Seishun" to be made into a film. Ken-ichi Matsuyama to play the lead.

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"Satoshi-no-Seishun" to be made into a film. Ken-ichi Matsuyama to play the lead.

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Published at: 2016-02-04 10:30

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Satoshi Murayama was called a "genius shogi player", and died in the age of 29. The original of the planned film is a novel dealing with Satoshi's sublime life fully dedicated to shogi despite his incurable disease, and it receives 5 stars at Amazon with many comments of praise.
Murayama, called the "big and strong kid" was often compared with Habu with the saying "Habu on the East, Murayama on the West", but died of an intractable kidney nephrosis in the middle of the way towards his dream. He suffered from the incurable disease from his childhood when he was hospitalized many times. One day he happened to start being strongly attracted to shogi, when his father showed it to him in the hospital. Ever since then he kept going for his determined goal of taking the Meijin title.
 The leading actor who plays Satoshi Murayama is the famed actor Ken-ichi Matsuyama. Despite being under the heavy pressure of playing the role of a genius shogi player who dedicated all his life to shogi, Matsuyama repeatedly visited Shogi-kaikan, trying to approach Satoshi Murayama closely both in mental and physical way.

Leading actor
Ken-ichi Matsuyama
Original author
Yoshio Osaki
Yoshitaka Mori
Kousuke Mukai
Autumn, 2016
Translated by Hidetchi