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The recipients of 'the 26th Oyama Yasuharu Prize'

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Published at: 2019-07-25 01:00

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Japan Shogi Association (JSA) had a selection meeting of 'Oyama Yasuharu Prize' and decided to award the indivisual category to 2 people and party category to 2 parties of 'the 26th Oyama Yasuharu Prize.' This award is set up to praise those who have contributed to spreading shogi and advancement cultures for long years.
The recipients are shown below.

Indivisual Category(2 people)
Koike Masao
Okada Hiromichi
Party Category(2 parties)
Fujita Kanko Inc.
Noda City

The Recipients of the 26th Oyama Yasuharu Award

Indivisual Category

Koike Masao (85 years old)living in Minami-alps city, Yamanashi pref.

He works for over 30 years as the head of Yamanashi prefectural branch of JSA, arranges many games and makes great effort to develop shogi environment in Yamanashi prefecture.

Okada Hiromichi(80 years old)living in Yamagata city, Yamagata pref.

He made a great contribution to develop shogi environment in Yamagata as the first head of Yamagata prefectural branch of JSA. He is currently the honorary head of Yamagata prefectural branch.

Party Category

Fujita Kanko Inc.

'Chinzanso', which it runs, is known for the place where meijin-sen begins every year and where the conferral ceremony of meijin is held.

Noda City

This city cooperates with JSA positively. Its activity bases on Sekine Kinjiro memorial house, where ladies meijin-sen is held. Also the first shogi summit was held in this city.

Translated by etwashashi