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Viktoria Ryasnyanska from Ukraine to play in the 1st Round of the 6th Ricoh Cup Women's Ouza Championship

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Published at: 2016-05-19 07:35

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The 1st Round of the 6th Ricoh Cup Women's Ouza Championship will be played on Sunday, May 22nd. It is going to be played by 6 amateur players who won the East Japan Amateur Qualify on April 3rd and the West Japan Amateur Qualify on April 17th, 1 foreign invited player, 1 Shourei-kai member, and 44 unseeded Ladies Professional players.

The foreign invited player this year is Viktoria Ryasnyanska from Ukraine.
Her opponent in the first game is Ladies 1-kyu Ayano Nodasawa.

Comment by Ms. Ryasnyanska
There are many young talented Shogi players in Ukraine. I wish, my participation in Ricoh Cup (and all the spirit around the tournament) will encourage them to make their own way to the top of Shogi game and will give further Shogi boost in Ukraine.
This year online tournament has collected really strong opponents from all over the world. I've played against some of them before, but it's rather different feelings playing games via online vs alive game.
Now I 'll be able to gain invaluable unforgettable experience through the game against Ladies professionals. I hope, I'll manage to handle with excitement and play good games.
Shogi are deep in my heart for long time, and they can't leave me

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