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Request regarding use of Kifu (Game records)

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Published at: 2019-09-13 07:00

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 Due to the recent increasing inquiries to both Japan Shogi Association (JSA) and each sponsor of Shogi tournaments regarding use of Kifu (game records), JSA and sponsors had discussions and agreed as follows.

"Request Regarding Use of Kifu"
 Any Kifu generated during the tournaments held by JSA and sponsors are assets of these parties. Any unauthorized use of Kifu may compromise such assets. Should you wish to use Kifu (including their position diagrams) for any purposes beyond personal use, such as providing them for commercial purpose, please let us know in advance via the form below.

JSA and each tournament organizer will continuously discuss use of Kifu.

Click here to request use of Kifu inquiry form.

Translated by Hattorium130