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Orita Shogo's challenge to become pro

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Published at: 2019-09-19 08:00

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On September 17th, Japan Shogi Association accepted application into "Professional Admission Test" from Shogo Orita, an amateur player of shogi. Orita won a match played on August 30th, which makes his score against professional players 10 wins and 2 losses, fulfilling the criteria to take the "Professional Admission Test". According to the provision below, the exam matches will take place once every month from November. The exam date and place of the 3rd match (and if happens those of 4th & 5th) will be determined later by arranging schedules of Orita and the examiners.

【Provisions of Professional Admission Test, set by Japan Shogi Association】

Exam Dates
Starts two months after the application is accepted, one match a month
Exam Site
”Tokyo Shogi Hall” or “Kansai Shogi Hall” in principle
・Amateur player or Ladies pro player wishing to become a pro, who currently has been winning 10 or more
matches in professional official tournaments during his/her best performance span, AND has a winning rate of 0.650 or more
・Player who has a referral from a regular member (shogi professional) with 4-Dan or higher
Exam Details
Series of 5 matches against professional players (Five examiners will be selected from the newest 4-Dan players by player numbers)

  *Thinking time of 3 hours
  *The matches shall be subject to the official match rules of Japan Shogi Association
  *Piece toss to decide the first mover (Sente) for the 1st match, then alternate the player at every match
  *Winning 3 out of 5 earns an eligibility to enroll into the Free Class of Junisen
  *Applicant who passed the trial will be 4-Dan as of April 1st or October 1st, whichever comes earlier

【Profile of Orita Shogo】

・Home Town: Osaka
・Born on October 28th, 1989
・Master: Moriyasu Masayuki 7-Dan
・Enrolled in Shoreikai with 6-Kyu in 2004 (as Moriyasu's pupil), withdrawn as 3-Dan in 2016

【Examiners and Match Dates】

  Examiner Exam Date (starts at 10AM) Exam Site
1 Kuroda Takayuki 4-Dan November 25th (Monday) Kansai Shogi Hall
2 Deguchi Wakamu 4-Dan December 23rd (Monday) Kansai Shogi Hall
3 Yamamoto Hiroshi 4-Dan Undecided
4 Honda Kei 4-Dan Undecided
5 Ikenaga Takashi 4-Dan Undecided
Translated by HGMotoko