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New ShogiHub Team to Restart English Shogi News Release

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Published at: 2019-09-28 23:00

Under the initiative of Ladies Professional Karolina Styczynska, a powerful working team has been formed, inviting multiple competent collaborators. We are restarting ShogiHub's past activity to publish translated English news, of which originals are released by the JSA. Those tasks had been done solely by the site owner until February 2017, and was discontinued due to work load issues.

The energetic initiative of the first non-Japanese shogi pro from Poland motivated ShogiHub's owner to upgrade the backbone system of the site, in order to support the collaborative work on the system level. Each article now has its translator's name displayed at the bottom, having a Like button for the readers to praise their work and further motivate the team.

We have already started working, and you will see new articles coming up! Since the team is working on even the past JSA articles released after the 2017 discontinuation, an old topic may appear in your Atom/RSS feed reader for the time being, as if it is a recent new topic. We hereby request the readers to take notice of this fact.

In addition to the system upgrade, we have made various improvements and design changes to ShogiHub. Automatic data synchronization of JSA games and players has been repaired to support JSA's new format, and is now working again. The players master-pupil tree is upgraded, having photo icons of the players, and it also includes LPSA players. A simple My Profile page for the users has also been added, where you can edit your name and URL info to show up in the shogi event info you created.

Written by Hidetchi