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First Hulic Cup Seirei Award Ceremony

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Published at: 2019-12-12 08:30

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The award ceremony for the first Hulic Cup Seirei Tournament was held at Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba in Tokyo on November 12, 2019.
Hulic Cup Seirei Tournament was named by Shimizu Ichiyo, Executive Director of the Japan Shogi Association (JSA), and 62 Ladies professional players competed in the first year. Kai Tomomi Ladies 5-Dan challenged Satomi Kana Ladies 5-crown winner in the five-game final match, and Satomi won three games straight to become the first-time ever 6-crown winner in the Ladies shogi history.
The ceremony had a cheerful atmosphere with many shogi pros, Ladies shogi pros and the fans, who gathered to celebrate the first Seirei Satomi.

Congratulatory speeches by Hulic’s Chairman Saburo Nishiura and JSA’s Chairman Yasumitsu Sato

Hulic’s Chairman Saburo Nishiura highly praised the strength of Satomi, who won the Seirei title by winning three games straight. He also mentioned that her success is even beyond the tournament, for Satomi became the first-time ever 6-crown winner and shined a spotlight on the Ladies shogi world.
Saburo Nishiura, Hulic’s Chairman

JSA’s Chairman Sato Yasumitsu first showed his gratitude for the title’s sponsor Hulic, as well as to the guests at the ceremony. He then talked about how he was impressed by Satomi’s sharp ending moves and her patience when she was behind, sometimes referring to his own episodes from the past, and praised her strength.
Yasumitsu Sato, JSA’s Chairman

Presentation of certificate, trophy and prize money
Satomi Seirei with JSA’s Chairman Sato



Satomi Seirei with Hulic’s Chairman Nishiura

Presentation of supplementary prizes

Congratulatory speeches
Santo Akiko, Chairman of the Shogi Cultural Promotion Diet Members’ Association and President of the House of Councilors


Takenori Kitajima, Chairman of Satomi Kana Supporter’s Association and the 80th Kokuso of the Kitajima Kokuso family of Izumo Grand Shrine

Presentation of special prizes

To celebrate Satomi for becoming the first-time ever Ladies’ 6-crown winner, an additional prize money of 660,000 yen and 66 packs of curry, made by the Gate Hotel Tokyo, were given.

Presentation of flowers

Shimizu Ichiyo, JSA’s executive director

Words of appreciation by Satomi Seirei

The launch of a new title match, Hulic Cup Seirei Tournament, has been a big encouragement for me. When the tournament began, I was highly motivated and was hoping to enjoy playing each game. I was honored to proceed to the final match, and every time I played the game, I could feel everyone’s support even more strongly. Although I could win the first Seirei title by winning three games straight, I felt that there were weaknesses in my shogi. It has been a very encouraging year for the Ladies’ shogi world to see the new title match launched. I will continue striving to improve my skills, even though it might be step by step.

Translated by Ayako Ishimoto