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Watanabe Osho vs Hirose 8-Dan - 4th Game of 69th Osaka Osho Cup

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Published at: 2020-02-19 08:00

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The fourth game of the 69th Osaka Osho Cup Osho Tournament seven-game match, where Hirose Akihito 8-Dan is challenging Watanabe Akira Osho, will be held in Hotel Kagetsuen in Hakone, Kanagawa prefecture on February 20 and 21.

Watanabe won the first and third games, while Hirose won the second game.
The result of the fourth game has become very important — will Watanabe “check the king” to defend his Osho title, or will Hirose get closer to grabbing the title?

This is the defending match for Watanabe, who came back as Osho for the third time last year.
For Hirose, this is his first challenge to the Osho title.

Watanabe and Hirose have played 29 official games so far, with Watanabe winning 17-12.

The seven-game match of the Osaka Osho Cup Osho Tournament will be broadcast live on The Mainichi, the Osho Tournament live reporting blog and the Japan Shogi Association’s broadcasting app for smartphones.

The games will also be broadcast live on Shogi Premium (*paid registration required).

Translated by Ayako Ishimoto