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Toyoshima Masayuki Meijin won the first game against Hirose Akihito Ryuou - 32nd Ryuousen the 1st game of 7 matches

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Published at: 2019-10-12 13:55

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The first game of Ryuousen 7 matches, where Toyoshima Masayuki Meijin is challenging Hirose Akihito Ryuou, was held at Cerulean Tower Nougakudo in Shibuya, Tokyo from October 11th to 12th. Toyoshima Meijin won the first game against Hirose Ryuou with 173 moves.

If Toyoshima Meijin wins the series, it will be the first time for him to win Ryuou title.

The second game will be held at Nin-naji temple in Kyoto from October 23rd to 24th.

Ryuousen 7 matches are broadcasted live on Niconico Video Live, AbemaTV, Ryuousen Live Broadcast Site and JSA Live Broadcast.
Also you can watch the game live broadcast on Shogi Premium (paid content).

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Translated by Hattorium130

Kamimura Wataru 4-Dan has been promoted to 5-Dan

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Published at: 2019-10-11 02:15

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Kamimura Wataru 4-Dan (32 years old) has been promoted to 5-Dan, winning the game described below.

Date of Promotion
October 10th, 2019
78th Meijinsen Junisen C-2 class (opponent: Tanaka Torahiko 9-Dan)
Reason of Promotion
100 wins in official tournaments since becoming 4-Dan
Translated by Hattorium130

Murayama Shuji 6-Dan has been promoted to 7-Dan

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Published at: 2019-10-07 04:00

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Murayama Shuji 6-Dan (38 years old) has been promoted to 7-Dan, winning the game described below.

Date of Promotion
October 4th, 2019
5th Eiou tournament Qualifying round
(opponent: ABE Kouru 6-Dan)
Reason of Promotion
150 wins in official tournaments since becoming 6-Dan
Translated by Hattorium130

Nagase Takuya Eiou has been promoted to 8-Dan

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Published at: 2019-10-02 07:30

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Nagase Takuya Eiou (27 years old) has been promoted to 8-Dan by winning the 3rd game of Ouza title mach of 5-game title match and becoming Ouza on October 1st.

Date of Promotion
Octorber 1st, 2019
67th Ouza Title match 3rd game
(opponent: Saito Shintaro Ouza)
Reason of promotion
Won title twice
Translated by Hattorium130

Shogi Hub on Social Media

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Published at: 2019-10-01 14:00

We have launched ShogiHub on the most popular social media services.

Everyday, we will be sharing the newest articles from, everyday tsumeshogi from JSA, upcoming games with special links to live boards and the most interesting articles/photos from JSA.

Join us today to be up to date about shogi news!

Facebook fanpage and group


Written by oneye

Nagase Takuya Eiou won the title - 3rd game of 67th Ouza 5-game title match

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Published at: 2019-10-01 12:20

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67th Ouza title match was held at Hotel Okura Kobe in Kobe, Hyogo on October 1st, and the challenger Nagase Takuya Eiou won the game against Saito Shintaro Ouza with 161 moves.

Nagase Eiou won the Ouza title match with 3 games in a row and won Ouza title first time. At the same time he became 2-Crown champion.


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JSA Live Broadcast App

Translated by Hattorium130

Notice of game regulation update

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Published at: 2019-10-01 09:00

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JSA udated the regulation of official professional games.
Please refer to the following link for the updated details Regulation (abstract).

Translated by Hattorium130

Yamaguchi Nikori to become Ladies Professional 2-Kyu from Oct.

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Published at: 2019-10-01 03:00

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山口 仁子梨女流2級

 Yamaguchi Nikori (17 yrs old), who belonged to Tokai Kenshukai B2-class, submitted her application for Ladies Professional Player. She will become Ladies Professional Player 2-Kyu, belonging to Kansai Branch as of October 1st, 2019. Her Ladies Professional ID will be 68.

Yamaguchi Nikori
Date of birth
September 17th, 2002 (17 years old)
Gifu-shi, Gifu
Student of Uguisudani High School
Nakada Shodo 7-Dan
Enrollment in Kenshukai
February 2016
Favorite strategy
Static rook
Game history
55th High school Shogi Tournament Team Tournament winner
Listening to music
Reason for starting shogi
Learned from her grandfather
Translated by Hattorium130

New ShogiHub Team to Restart English Shogi News Release

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Published at: 2019-09-28 23:00

Under the initiative of Ladies Professional Karolina Styczynska, a powerful working team has been formed, inviting multiple competent collaborators. We are restarting ShogiHub's past activity to publish translated English news, of which originals are released by the JSA. Those tasks had been done solely by the site owner until February 2017, and was discontinued due to work load issues.

The energetic initiative of the first non-Japanese shogi pro from Poland motivated ShogiHub's owner to upgrade the backbone system of the site, in order to support the collaborative work on the system level. Each article now has its translator's name displayed at the bottom, having a Like button for the readers to praise their work and further motivate the team.

We have already started working, and you will see new articles coming up! Since the team is working on even the past JSA articles released after the 2017 discontinuation, an old topic may appear in your Atom/RSS feed reader for the time being, as if it is a recent new topic. We hereby request the readers to take notice of this fact.

In addition to the system upgrade, we have made various improvements and design changes to ShogiHub. Automatic data synchronization of JSA games and players has been repaired to support JSA's new format, and is now working again. The players master-pupil tree is upgraded, having photo icons of the players, and it also includes LPSA players. A simple My Profile page for the users has also been added, where you can edit your name and URL info to show up in the shogi event info you created.

Written by Hidetchi

Kimura Kazuki 9-Dan won the title - 60th Oui title match 7th game

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Published at: 2019-09-26 15:00

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7th game of 60th Oui title match was held at Toshi Center Hotel in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo during 25-26th, September, and the challenger Kumura Kazuki 9-Dan won 4 out of 7 games against Toyoshima Masayuki Oui with 110 moves.

Kimura 9-Dan won his first title and became Oui.

JSA Live Broadcasting APp

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Translated by Hattorium130