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JSA Comment in Response to the Third-party Committee's Investigation Report

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Published at: 2016-12-27 09:55

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On December 26th, the Japan Shogi Association received the report of the third-party committee's investigation.
In response to this we held a press conference today at the Shogi Kaikan, Tokyo.
Below is a summary of the press conference by Chairman Koji Tanigawa

Summary of Press Conference by Tanigawa

Yesterday morning we received the report from the third-party committee.
We are grateful to the committee for making a thorough investigation, as well as holding a press conference yesterday afternoon.

The report consists of two conclusions: (1) There was no software-assisted cheating by 9-Dan Hiroyuki Miura, (2) Suspension of Miura, decided by the directors, was appropriate.
Even though our decision has been found appropriate, we deeply regret that we made 9-Dan Miura suffer a lot as a result, and there are things that we should have done better.
First of all, we were too slow in establishing rules regarding the use of electronic devises during games. We once had a committee to discuss this a few years ago, but concluded that we would leave it to each player's discretion, due to the opinions saying that having such strict rules itself would be a shame for the organization.
Secondly, this case started from 9-Dan Toshiaki Kubo's remark in July at a conference, and it is our fault that we did not verify whether this was the truth. Not to mention the discrepancy in the time length of 9-Dan Miura's leaving the board, we also learned that the matching percentage of the moves, which we initially believed to be a reliable data source, actually have as much as 20% of tolerance; we should have collected more accurate information.

On the other hand, regarding the actions we took since October 11th, I would like to mention that there was a serious fact that a tabloid journal would most probably cover the story of 9-Dan Miura.
If we had started the 7-game Ryuou title match between Watanabe and Miura, seeing this article one week after the 1st game, it would have caused not only a chaotic situation but also even a cancellation of the title match, which is the worst scenario.
Because we asked 9-Dan Maruyama to be promoted to the challenger, the title match ended uneventfully. We are grateful to 9-Dan Maruyama for accepting to be the challenger in such a short notice.
As mentioned in the report, this decision was inevitable considering the limited time and realistic options we had. But the committee pointed out, we should not have called it a "punitive suspension" but a "suspension measure". We think this is entirely true.

9-Dan Miura will be playing the games starting January. The Japan Shogi Association will make every effort to prepare the environment for Miura to be able to concentrate on his games.
In that sense, we have made a decision. Miura could not play the 5th and the 6th games of A-class Ranking League (Jun-i-sen) due to the suspension. Taking the committee's report into consideration, this time we will handle the A-class specially, making only one player drop down to B1-class, and letting Miura play in A-class in the next term. To be more specific, Miura's results will be 1 win and 3 losses, followed by the non-played games during the last 3 months, and then by the 7th, 8th, and 9th games staring from January which will be also non-played, only his opponents receiving winning points.
The promotion from B1-class will be two players, resulting in 11 players in the A-class for the next term, where Miura will start from the 11th rank in the league.

We have caused serious troubles and inconvenience for our sponsors, particularly Yomiuri Newspaper that sponsors Ryuou Championship. We would also like to address our deep gratitude to Asahi Newspaper and Mainichi Newspaper for allowing us to adopt the special measures in the A-class, despite the fact we caused them trouble by suspending Miura's 5th and 6th games.
In Oui Championship, the non-played games will not be losses-by-default for Miura.
In Asahi Cup, the pairing of the second qualify round was done excluding Miura.
We apologize the sponsors of Oui Championship and Asahi Cup for all these troubles.

I would also like to comment on the suggestion made by the committee.
Regarding electronic devises, we already enforced new regulations on December 14th before this report, prohibiting to bring in electronic devises to the game as well as to go out of the building while playing; but paying respect to the committee's suggestion, we will keep studying further solutions that will let the players concentrate on the board without being distracted by having suspicions.
Regarding leaving the board during game, it is not possible to establish a rule for it. However, in my personal opinion, the players should refrain from leaving the board unnecessarily long, considering the the fact that the level of shogi AIs is already similar to that of the strongest professional players.
9-Dan Miura had reduced the amount of time he leaves the board since August 8th, when the JSA sent him a note asking to refrain from leaving the board for a long time. In contrast, his total time of leaving the board at the game in July against Kubo was long, according to the report.
In any case, a professional shogi game is something that stands up on both players' respect for each other. All players of the JSA will take the committee's suggestion seriously and reconsider how we should face shogi, in order to have shogi fans enjoy our earnest, heated battles on the board.

Lastly I would like to address our sincere apology to the shogi fans, the sponsors, particularly Yomiuri Newspaper sponsoring Ryuou Championship, and more than anybody, to 9-Dan Miura and his family and his related parties for the troubles we caused to them.
From now on we will endeavor to realize fair and wholesome management of the tournaments, avoiding such incidents to happen again.

December 27th, 2016

Koji Tanigawa, Chairman of the Japan Shogi Association

Translated by Hidetchi

Sad News: 6-Dan Nou Itou

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Published at: 2016-12-27 06:35

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伊藤能六段6-Dan Nou Itou died on December 25th, 2016, aged 54.
We hereby address our deepest condolences and our gratitude for his kindness in life.

Translated by Hidetchi

Outcome of the Third-party Committee's Investigation

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Published at: 2016-12-26 09:40

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Today, Japan Shogi Association received the report of the investigation of 9-Dan Hiroyuki Miura's case, issued by the third-party committee.

【Comment by Chairman Koji Tanigawa
We appreciate the thorough investigation done by the third-party committee. We will hold a director's meeting tomorrow and decide further actions. The decisions will be announced later on this site.
Translated by Hidetchi

5-Dan Shota Chida has been promoted to 6-Dan

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Published at: 2016-12-19 03:30

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千田翔太 5-Dan Shota Chida (22 years old) has been promoted to 6-Dan, winning the game described below.

Date of promotion
December 16, 2016
42th Kiou Tournament, Challenger Deciding Match, Game 1
(opponent: 5-Dan Yuki Sasaki)
Ground of promotion
Becoming the challenger to a title match

Translated by Hidetchi

Find-the-Next-Move Problems, Intermediate Level

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Published at: 2016-12-07 04:50

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中級ネット認定問題_01 中級ネット認定問題_02

中級ネット認定問題_03 中級ネット認定問題_04

中級ネット認定問題_05 中級ネット認定問題_06

中級ネット認定問題_07 中級ネット認定問題_08

中級ネット認定問題_09 中級ネット認定問題_10

中級ネット認定問題_11 中級ネット認定問題_12

11 or 12 correct answers: 5-Dan
9 or 10 correct answers: 4-Dan
7 or 8 correct answers: 3-Dan
5 or 6 correct answers: 2-Dan

Translated by Hidetchi

Absense of Ladies 5-Dan Rieko Yauchi

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Published at: 2016-11-30 08:45

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Ladies 5-Dan Rieko Yauchi (36 years old) will be absent from tournaments from December 1st 2016 until November 30th 2017 for personal reasons. Listed below are the tournaments she will be absent from.
We appreciate the understanding by the sponsors and related parties of these tournaments held in the above mentioned period.

【Related tournaments】(In chronological order)
・44th Okada Museum Cup, Ladies Meijin Championship
・25th Oyama Meijin's Cup, Kurashiki Touka (Kurashiki Wisteria) Championship
・39th Kirishima Brewer Cup, Ladies Osho Championship
・7th Ricoh Cup, Ladies Ouza Championship
・11th Mynavi Ladies Open
・29th Ladies Oui Championship

Translated by Hidetchi

Ladies 6-Dan Ichiyo Shimizu has Won 600 Games (Shogi Honor Award)

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Published at: 2016-11-28 12:00

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600勝達成後の清水女流六段Ladies 6-Dan Ichiyo Shimizu (47 years old) won her 600th victory in official Ladies Professional games, when she defeated Ladies 5-Dan Tomomi Kai on Novenber 28th in the 43rd Okada Museum Cup Ladies Meijin Championship at Shogi Kaikan, Tokyo. Shimizu is the second Ladies Professional player to achieve 600 wins, receiving Shogi Honor Award.

Shimizu's game record as of reaching her 600th victory
600 wins and 252 losses
(Total: 852 games, Winning percentage: 70.4%)

Translated by Hidetchi

English Live Commentary of the 2nd Eiou-sen Finals

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Published at: 2016-11-26 09:00

Game 2 of the 2nd Eiou-sen Final Match between Meijin Amahiko Sato and 5-Dan Shota Chida will be commentated on Nico Live by 7-Dan Koji Horiguchi and Ladies 3-kyu Karolina Styczynska.

Nico Live: Eiou-sen Second Stage Finals

The broadcast starts at JST 13:15 (UTC 4:15) on Sunday, December 11th. A free account registration is required to view live at Nico Live.

There will be a Study Room prepared in 81Dojo at the same time, where the viewers can jointly analyze and discuss the game and the broadcast.

Written by Hidetchi

Establishment of a Third-party Investigators Committee

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Published at: 2016-10-27 18:20

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As announced before, the directors of Japan Shogi Association put 9-Dan Hiroyuki Miura under punitive suspension on October 12th for all games from October 12th 2016 until December 31st 2016.
Japan Shogi Association held a board meeting on October 24th regarding this matter, and decided to establish a committee consisting of third party members to have the case investigated. The head of the committee is Mr. Keiichi Tadaki (lawyer and the former Public Prosecutor General). We asked the committee to evaluate the appropriateness of the punitive suspension, and to investigate 9-Dan Miura's conducts during the alleged games.

Translated by Hidetchi

8 Professionl Players to Offer Teching Games to the World Shogi League Winners

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Published at: 2016-10-27 09:50

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World Shogi League is being held at 81 Dojo, an online shogi playing site under the patronage of the Japan Shogi Association. 8 professional players (7-Dan Hirotaka Nozuki, 7-Dan Eiji Iijima, 7-Dan Yasuaki Murayama, 7-Dan Makoto Tobe, 6-Dan Akira Nishio, 6-Dan Taichi Nakamura, 5-Dan Shingo Itou, 5-Dan Taichi Takami) will play online teaching games at 81Dojo with 4 winner teams (12 players).

7-Dan Hirotaka Nozuki
7-Dan Eiji Iijima
7-Dan Yasuaki Murayama
戸辺 誠七段
7-Dan Makoto Tobe
西尾 明六段
6-Dan Akira Nishio
6-Dan Taichi Nakamura
5-Dan Shingo Itou
5-Dan Taichi Takami

What is World Shogi League?

World Shogi League is an international team championship started in January 2016, each country form one or more 3-player teams and play in round-robin leagues (4 leagues consisting of A, B, C, and D). 28 countries from 6 continents are currently participating, and each team play one match per month. The organizer is Mr. Peter Heine Nielsen (a chess grand master, and represented Denmark in the International Shogi Forum in Shizuoka).
The teaching games will be played around January and February next year. The games can be watched by any online users at 81Dojo.

Mr. Peter Heine Nielsen (Right. December 7, 2014.) player against Meijin Yoshiharu Habu at the International Shogi Forum in Shizuoka.

Translated by Hidetchi