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Representatives for 7th International Shogi Tournament have been Decided

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Published at: 2017-10-25 02:00

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On October 28th and 29th, the 7th International Shogi Tournament will be played as the main program of the 7th International Shogi Forum in Kita-kyushu held in Kita-kyushu International Convention Center. The representative players have been decided as follows. 48 players from record-breaking 42 countries and regions will participate this year.

Players of the 7th International Shogi Forum in Kita-Kyushu

  Region Country(Japanese) Country Player
1 Europe ノルウェー Norway Richart Bjerke
2 スウェーデン Sweden Christer Hartman
3 フィンランド Finland Mikko Tornqvist
4 イギリス United Kingdom Steven Cain
5 ポルトガル Portugal Fernando Batista
6 スペイン Spain Jordi Fluvia
7 フランス France Jean Fortin
8 オランダ Netherlands Wouter de Haas
9 ベルギー Belgium Jean-François Hastir
10 デンマーク Denmark Peter Heine Nielsen
11 ドイツ Germany Thomas Leiter
12 イタリア Italy Michele Riondino
13 チェコ Czech  Long Do
14 オーストリア Austria Thomas Pfaffel
15 ポーランド Poland Kamil Michaluk 
16 スロバキア Slovakia Michal Moravcik
17 ハンガリー Hungary Adrián Potari
18 ギリシャ Greece Stefanos Mandalas
19 ロシア Russia Mikhail Ivanov 
20 ベラルーシ Belarus Petr Shcheslenak
21 ウクライナ Ukraine Borys Baidenko
22 Invited ヨーロッパ選手権優勝 Europe Vinsent Tanian
23 ヨーロッパ選手権準優勝 Europe Sergej Korchitskij
24 Asia モンゴル Mongolia Erdenebaatar Genden
25 中国(北京) China 李 鹏宇 Li Pengyu
26 中国(上海) China 顧 冠鳴 Gu Guanming
27 タイ Thailand Veerayut Sreshthasit
28 ベトナム Vietnam Nguyen Quang Huy
29 シンガポール Singapore Zhuo Loon Lim
30 インドネシア Indonesia Muhammad Satria
31 香港 Hong Kong 梁 啓雲 Kai Wan Leung
32 台湾 Taiwan 劉 又寧 Yu-ning Liu 
33 韓国 South Korea 尹 仁燮 Inseop Youn 
34 日本 Japan 田代 悠貴
35 日本 Japan 波戸 康広
36 Africa チュニジア Tunisia Fakhri Hamila 
37 エジプト Egypt Hassan Moustafa Elzeiny
38 コートジボワール Côte d'Ivoire Duhamel Bah 
39 Oceania ニュージーランド New Zealand Michael Mackinven
40 North America アメリカ United States 富田 桂次
41 アメリカ United States 鈴木 由久
42 Latin America メキシコ Mexico Marco Antonio Camacho 
43 グアテマラ Guatemala Alejandro Reina Ramirez
44 コロンビア Colombia Hans Bayer
45 ペルー Peru Dante Acuna
46 チリ Chile Robinson Arce 
47 ブラジル Brazil 吉田 国夫
48 ブラジル Brazil 増子 利栄
Translated by Hidetchi

6-Dan Kawakami Takeshi has been Promoted to 7-Dan

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Published at: 2017-10-20 05:00

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川上猛七段6-Dan Kawakami Takeshi (45 years old) has been promoted to 7-Dan, winning the game described below.

Date of promotion
October 17, 2017
66th Ouza Tournament, 1st Qualify Round
(opponent: 7-Dan Chuza Makoto)
Promotion criteria met
Number of games won (150 wins in official games after becoming 6-Dan)
Translated by Hidetchi

6-Dan Nakamura Taichi has been Promoted to 7-Dan

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Published at: 2017-10-12 05:00

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中村太地王座6-Dan Nakamura Taichi (29 years old) has been promoted to 7-Dan by winning a title on October 11th, after winning Game 4 of the 65th Ouza 5-game Title Match, with the winning count of 3 to 1.

Date of promotion
October 11, 2017
65th Ouza 5-game Title Match, Game 4
(opponent: Ouza Habu Yoshiharu)
Promotion criteria met
Holding a title for one term
Translated by Hidetchi

New Kyu Certificate

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Published at: 2017-10-11 04:40

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新設・級位認定状サンプル The Japan Shogi Association has decided to issue certificates for 15-kyu to 11-kyu, aiming that new shogi fans and beginners can officially state their skill levels.
We established these new certificates hoping that it will encourage people to improve their skills, and that those who got interested in shogi will enjoy playing for long time.
The price is also set very reasonably. We look forward to your application.

Starting Date of the Issuing
October 1, 2017
1,080 JPY (tax included)
A4 certificate format
JSA Diploma/Certificate Office
Phone(Japanese):03-3408-6168 |
Translated by Hidetchi

8-Dan Izumi Masaki Achieves 600 Wins (Shogi Honor Award)

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Published at: 2017-10-05 08:00

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泉正樹八段8-Dan Izumi Masaki (56 years old) won against 7-Dan Kinoshita Koichi on October 4th in the Qualify Round of the 59th Oui Tournament (sponsored by Three Newspaper Federation) held in Shogi Kaikan, Tokyo, becoming the 50th player to achieve 600 total wins in official games (Shogi Honor Award).

8-Dan Izumi Masaki's career record as of the time of achieving 600 wins
1212 games, 600 wins - 612 losses, winning rate 0.495
Translated by Hidetchi

New 4-Dan Players

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Published at: 2017-09-09 10:00

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In the 18th games of the 61th Shoureikai 3-Dan League (April 2017 ~ September 2017), played on September 9th in Shogi Kaikan, Tokyo, 3-Dan Saito Asuto and 3-Dan Komori Yuta decided their promotion to 4-Dan. Final results are 14 wins 4 losses for Saito, and 12 wins 6 losses for Komori. Their promotion date will be October 1st, 2017.
The third player was 3-Dan Kai Hyuga, with 12 wins 6 losses.


Saito Asuto, professional player ID 311


Date of birth
Jul. 17, 1998 (19 years old)
Kawasaki city, Kanagawa prefecture
Currently resides in
Kawasaki city, Kanagawa prefecture
8-Dan Miyata Toshio
Enrollment in Shoureikai
September 2010
Enrollment in 3rd-Dan League
October 2015 (from 58th term)
Favorite strategy
Side Pawn Picker variations
futsal, swimming
How he started playing shogi
Taught by father before entering elementary school
"There were times when I could not show my real strength, it was more difficult struggle than I had expected.
I played every single game feeling its importance. I think that is what enabled this good result.
I hope to play a title match someday, and win a title."

Komori Yuta, professional player ID 312


Date of birth
Aug. 20, 1995 (22 years old)
Takatsuki city, Osaka prefecture
Currently resides in
Takatsuki city, Osaka prefecture
9-Dan Kobayashi Kenji
Enrollment in Shoureikai
September 2008
Enrollment in 3rd-Dan League
October 2016 (from 60th term)
Favorite strategy
Bishop-exchanged Swinging Rook
How he started playing shogi
Taught by grandfather in 2nd grade of elementary school
"In this term a one-win-one-loss situation continued for some time in the middle, so I felt uneasy. I am relieved now that I can promote.
I want to play games where I play patiently, not giving up easily when the position is bad.
I hope to be involved in title matches."
Translated by Hidetchi

7-Dan Shoshi Kazuharu to Participate in International Tournaments of Xiangqi (Chinese chess)

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Published at: 2017-08-28 08:00

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Shoshi Kazuharu 7-Dan will participate in the Global Doubles Match (two players from Japan), held in Chengdu, China, from September 1st to 5th, 2017.
Departs on 1st, returns on 6th.
Details of the tournament

He will then participate in the 18th Asian Individual Championships (one male and one female player from Japan), held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, from September 15th to 21st, 2017.
Departs on 15th, returns on 22nd.
Website of the Asian Xiangqi Federation

He will also participate in the 15th World Championships (3 players from Japan), held in City of Manila in the Philippines, from November 13th to 18th, 2017.
Departs on 13th, returns on 19th.
Website of the World Xiangqi Federation

Translated by Hidetchi

4-Dan Ishida Naohiro has been Promoted to 5-Dan

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Published at: 2017-08-16 06:00

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石田直裕五段4-Dan Ishida Naohiro (aged 28) has been promoted to 5-Dan, winning the game described below.

Date of promotion
Aug. 15, 2017
59th Oui Tournament, Qualify Round
(opponent: 7-Dan Kitajima Tadao)
Promotion criteria met
Number of games won (100 wins in official games after becoming 4-Dan)
Translated by Hidetchi

9-Dan Sato Yasumitsu achieves 1000 wins! (Special Shogi Honor Award)

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Published at: 2017-07-29 00:00

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佐藤康光九段 9-Dan Sato Yasumitsu (47 years old) achieved total 1000 wins in official games (Special Shogi Honor Prize, tokubetsu-shogi-eiyo-sho), winning a game on July 28th against 8-Dan Hirose Akihito in the 76th Ranking League (jun-i-sen)
He is the ninth player in shogi history to achieve 1000 wins, and is ranked 4th in the youngest age to achieve this record, at the age of 47 years and 9 months.

9-Dan Sato Yasumitsu's overall results (as of July 28, 2017)
1598 games (1000 wins - 598 losses)

List of all players who achieved 1000 wins

as of April 21st, 2017
OrderPlayerDate of becoming 4-DanTotal results at the time of achieving 1000 wins
wins - losseswinning rateDate of achievementAge at the timeYears required for the achievement
1 15th Permanent Meijin Oyama Yasuharu* Apr. 1, 1940 1000 - 455 0.687 Apr. 30, 1977 54 years 1 month 37 years 0 month
2 9-Dan Kato Hifumi Aug. 1, 1954 1000 - 671 0.598 Aug. 21, 1989 49 years 7 months 35 years 0 month
3 16th Permanent Meijin Nakahara Makoto Oct. 1, 1965 1000 - 485 0.673 Ja. 10, 1992 44 years 4 months 26 years 3 months
4 Permanent Kisei Yonenaga Kunio* Apr. 1, 1963 1000 - 657 0.604 Dec. 12, 1994 51 years 6 months 31 years 8 months
5 9-Dan Naito Kunio Oct. 1, 1958 1000 - 752 0.571 Sep. 18, 2000 60 years 10 months 41 years 11 months
6 9-Dan Ariyoshi Michio May 15, 1955 1000 - 843 0.543 Mar. 5, 2001 65 years 7 months 45 years 11 months
7 9-Dan Tanigawa Koji Dec. 20, 1976 1000 - 532 0.653 Jul. 13, 2002 40 years 3 months 25 years 6 months
8 3-Crown Habu Yoshiharu Dec. 18, 1985 1000 - 373 0.728 Dec. 20, 2007 37 years 2 months 22 years 0 month
9 9-Dan Sato Yasumitsu Mar. 25, 1987 1000 - 598 0.625 Jul. 28, 2017 47 years 9 months 30 years 3 months

* Deceased
△ Retired

※ Number of total games may be more than the sum of wins and losses because it includes impasse games in title matches.
※ The record of the years required for the achievement may be affected by the frequency of official games, which varies among generations.
※ Years required for the achievement was counted starting from the promotion date to 4-Dan.

Translated by Hidetchi

Ladies 1-Dan Ido Chihiro has been Promoted to Ladies 2-Dan

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Published at: 2017-06-29 07:00

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井道千尋女流二段Ladies 1-Dan Ido Chihiro (aged 29) has been promoted to Ladies 2-Dan, winning the game described below.

Date of promotion
June 28, 2017
3rd YAMADA Challenge Cup, Ladies Shogi Tournament
(opponent: Ladies 1-Dan Nakazawa Saya)
Promotion criteria met
By number of wins (60 wins after becoming 1-Dan)
Translated by Hidetchi