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6-Dan Makoto Tobe has been promoted to 7-Dan

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Published at: 2016-06-02 07:10

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戸辺 誠七段

6-Dan Makoto Tobe (29 years old) has been promoted to 7-Dan on June 1st 2016, meeting the conditions.

Translated by Hidetchi

6-Dan Yoshiyuki Kubota has been promoted to 7-Dan

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Published at: 2016-06-02 07:05

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窪田義行七段 6-Dan Yoshiyuki Kubota (44 years old) has been promoted to 7-Dan, winning the game described below.

Date of promotion
June 1st, 2016
75th Ranking League, B2-class (opponent: 8-Dan Takashi Abe)
Ground of promotion
Winning 150 games after promotion to 6-Dan

Translated by Hidetchi

8-Dan Amahiko Satou has been promoted to 9-Dan

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Published at: 2016-06-01 06:00

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佐藤天彦名人 8-Dan Amahiko Satou(28 years old)has been promoted to 8-Dan, winning the 5th game of the 74th Meijin Title Match played on May 30th & 31st, becoming the Meijin with the results of 4 wins and 1 loss.

Date of promotion
May 31st, 2016
74th Meijin Title Match, Game 5
(opponent: Meijin Yoshiharu Habu)
Ground og promotion
Obtaining Meijin Title

Translated by Hidetchi

JSA presented memorial gift to the G7 Ise-Shima Summit representatives

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Published at: 2016-05-27 02:05

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JSA offered a shogi piece accessory and a booklet about shogi in English to be included in the "Summit Bag" given to the representatives at G7 Ise-Shima Summit that took place on May 26th and 27th in Shima-city, Mie Prefecture.
 This was done in order to promote shogi as a Japanese traditional culture, at this opportunity when the leaders of major countries gather. Below is an example of the contents from the booklet.

"Shogi is a traditional Japanese strategic board-game. It is very familiar to the Japanese and is enjoyed by all generations, young and old alike.
Today professional title matches are performed in a Japanese style room. The players wear kimonos, the way they sit and the arrangement of the pieces are stipulated by tradition; the spirit of ancient Japan is omnipresent."

This memorial gift was covered in a TV program "Mezamashi TV" on May 27th morning, in a section dealing with Ise-Shima Summit excusively.

JSA aims to register shogi to Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO, in that it is the only board game in the world that allows captured pieces to be reused, and that Japanese traditional manners and craftsmanship are also involved.

Translated by Hidetchi

Ladies 1-Dan Eriko Yamaguchi has been promoted to Ladies 2-Dan

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Published at: 2016-05-26 07:40

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山口恵梨子女流二段 Ladies 1-Dan Eriko Yamaguchi(24 years old)has been promoted to Ladies 2-Dan, winning the game described below.

Date of promotion
May 25th, 2016
43rd Ladies Meijin League
(opponent: Ladies 6-Dan Ichiyo Shimizu
Ground of promotion
Number of games won (60 games after promotion to Ladies 1-Dan)
Translated by Hidetchi

Ms. Rei Takedomi has been promoted to Ladies 3-kyu

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Published at: 2016-05-25 07:00

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Ms. Rei Takedomi (17 years old) has submitted the application and became Ladies 3-kyu on May 25th. She can become a Ladies Professional player if the below mentioned conditions for promotion to Ladies 2-kyu are met.

Rei Takedomi
Date of birth
May 25th, 1999(17 years old)
Saga-city, Saga Prefecture
Currently resides in
Saga-city, Saga Prefecture
Educational career
Currently student at Ryukoku High School
Pupil of
7-Dan Isao Nakata
Enrollment in Kenshu-kai
September 2015 (D1 class)
Favorite strategy
Static Rook
28th High School Ryuou National Championship, representing Saga Prefecture
51st National High School Shogi Championship, ranked 3rd in girls' individual tournament
Background of starting playing shogi
Getting interested in shogi by seeing her father and brother play when she was in kindergarten, then participating in a children's shogi tournament.

Conditions for a Ladies 3-kyu to become 2-kyu

  1. The number of winning games is as many as that of the participated tournaments in 1 year.
  2. The number of winning games is 3/4 time as many as that of the participated tournaments in 2 years.
  3. Conditions for becoming Ladies 1-kyu in "Ladies Professional Promotion Regulations" are met.

If none of the above conditions are met within 2 years, the rank of Ladies 3-kyu becomes invalid, in which case one can move back to C2 class of Kenshu-kai.

Translated by Hidetchi

Report: The 41st Kiou Title Acquisition Ceremony

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Published at: 2016-05-24 04:50

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On May 19th, the 41st Kiou Title Acquisition Ceremony and a celebration party were held at Daiichi Hotel Tokyo. Around 160 guests from related parties attended.


Yujiro Satou, CEO of Kyodo Tsushin

JSA Chairman Koji Tanigawa

Hideo Doi, CEO of Ehime Newspaper

Presentation of title acquisition letter

Presentation of title cup

Congratulatory speech by Mr. Masahiro Higashide

Presentation of bouquet

Speech of thanks by Kiou

Kiou Akira Watanabe
8-Dan Amahiko Satou and I have been very close friends since more than 10 years, and we aimed that we will play a title match some day. When it became true, I felt not only happy but also I didn't want to lose against him. Maybe I was in a situation where I can play with all my ability, receiving a challenge by a younger player than me. In particular, the 4th game was very special, receiving the Best Game Award.
Next year I will be fighting for 5-year consecutive titles. Kiou title allows us to obtain the permanent title only with 5-year consecutive victories, which is relatively severe condition. I will try my best to improve myself for another year and go for the very difficult "Permanent Kiou" title.

Translated by Hidetchi

Boardlive of Viktoria Ryasnyanska's First Game in the 6th Ricoh Cup Women's Ouza Championship

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Published at: 2016-05-21 09:15

Viktoria Ryasnyanska from Ukraine won the Foreign Online Preliminary of the Ricoh Cup Women's Ouza Championship at 81Dojo, and is going to play in the 1st Round in Japan on Sunday May 22nd among Ladies Professional players. Her game is going to be covered in the official boardlive.

Ricoh Cup website
Realtime blog covering the scenes of the tournament
List of boardlives
Viktoria Ryasnyanska's first game against Ladies 1-kyu Ayano Nodasawa
Written by Hidetchi

Viktoria Ryasnyanska from Ukraine to play in the 1st Round of the 6th Ricoh Cup Women's Ouza Championship

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Published at: 2016-05-19 07:35

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The 1st Round of the 6th Ricoh Cup Women's Ouza Championship will be played on Sunday, May 22nd. It is going to be played by 6 amateur players who won the East Japan Amateur Qualify on April 3rd and the West Japan Amateur Qualify on April 17th, 1 foreign invited player, 1 Shourei-kai member, and 44 unseeded Ladies Professional players.

The foreign invited player this year is Viktoria Ryasnyanska from Ukraine.
Her opponent in the first game is Ladies 1-kyu Ayano Nodasawa.

Comment by Ms. Ryasnyanska
There are many young talented Shogi players in Ukraine. I wish, my participation in Ricoh Cup (and all the spirit around the tournament) will encourage them to make their own way to the top of Shogi game and will give further Shogi boost in Ukraine.
This year online tournament has collected really strong opponents from all over the world. I've played against some of them before, but it's rather different feelings playing games via online vs alive game.
Now I 'll be able to gain invaluable unforgettable experience through the game against Ladies professionals. I hope, I'll manage to handle with excitement and play good games.
Shogi is deep in my heart for long time, and it can't leave me
Translated by Hidetchi

"Discuss Japan" publishes an English article with the title "Shogi and Artificial Intelligence" supported by 9-Dan Yasumitsu Sato

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Published at: 2016-05-18 09:15

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"Discuss Japan", the English journal distributing articles about Japan to the world, has published an article with the title "Shogi and Artificial Intelligence" with the support by 9-Dan Yasumitsu Satou
The articles on Discuss Japan are decided by an independent editor's committee commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so as to publicize Japanese culture and its attraction.
The article discusses not only the relationship between shogi and AI demonstrated in the Den-ou Tournament, but also the importance of shogi in Japanese society as one of the traditional cultures. (Top page of Discuss Japan (to the article)

Translated by Hidetchi