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Find-the-Next-Move Problems, Intermediate Level

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Published at: 2016-12-07 04:50

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中級ネット認定問題_01 中級ネット認定問題_02

中級ネット認定問題_03 中級ネット認定問題_04

中級ネット認定問題_05 中級ネット認定問題_06

中級ネット認定問題_07 中級ネット認定問題_08

中級ネット認定問題_09 中級ネット認定問題_10

中級ネット認定問題_11 中級ネット認定問題_12

11 or 12 correct answers: 5-Dan
9 or 10 correct answers: 4-Dan
7 or 8 correct answers: 3-Dan
5 or 6 correct answers: 2-Dan

Translated by Hidetchi

Absense of Ladies 5-Dan Rieko Yauchi

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Published at: 2016-11-30 08:45

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Ladies 5-Dan Rieko Yauchi (36 years old) will be absent from tournaments from December 1st 2016 until November 30th 2017 for personal reasons. Listed below are the tournaments she will be absent from.
We appreciate the understanding by the sponsors and related parties of these tournaments held in the above mentioned period.

【Related tournaments】(In chronological order)
・44th Okada Museum Cup, Ladies Meijin Championship
・25th Oyama Meijin's Cup, Kurashiki Touka (Kurashiki Wisteria) Championship
・39th Kirishima Brewer Cup, Ladies Osho Championship
・7th Ricoh Cup, Ladies Ouza Championship
・11th Mynavi Ladies Open
・29th Ladies Oui Championship

Translated by Hidetchi

Ladies 6-Dan Ichiyo Shimizu has Won 600 Games (Shogi Honor Award)

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Published at: 2016-11-28 12:00

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600勝達成後の清水女流六段Ladies 6-Dan Ichiyo Shimizu (47 years old) won her 600th victory in official Ladies Professional games, when she defeated Ladies 5-Dan Tomomi Kai on Novenber 28th in the 43rd Okada Museum Cup Ladies Meijin Championship at Shogi Kaikan, Tokyo. Shimizu is the second Ladies Professional player to achieve 600 wins, receiving Shogi Honor Award.

Shimizu's game record as of reaching her 600th victory
600 wins and 252 losses
(Total: 852 games, Winning percentage: 70.4%)

Translated by Hidetchi

English Live Commentary of the 2nd Eiou-sen Finals

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Published at: 2016-11-26 09:00

Game 2 of the 2nd Eiou-sen Final Match between Meijin Amahiko Sato and 5-Dan Shota Chida will be commentated on Nico Live by 7-Dan Koji Horiguchi and Ladies 3-kyu Karolina Styczynska.

Nico Live: Eiou-sen Second Stage Finals

The broadcast starts at JST 13:15 (UTC 4:15) on Sunday, December 11th. A free account registration is required to view live at Nico Live.

There will be a Study Room prepared in 81Dojo at the same time, where the viewers can jointly analyze and discuss the game and the broadcast.

Written by Hidetchi

Establishment of a Third-party Investigators Committee

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Published at: 2016-10-27 18:20

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As announced before, the directors of Japan Shogi Association put 9-Dan Hiroyuki Miura under punitive suspension on October 12th for all games from October 12th 2016 until December 31st 2016.
Japan Shogi Association held a board meeting on October 24th regarding this matter, and decided to establish a committee consisting of third party members to have the case investigated. The head of the committee is Mr. Keiichi Tadaki (lawyer and the former Public Prosecutor General). We asked the committee to evaluate the appropriateness of the punitive suspension, and to investigate 9-Dan Miura's conducts during the alleged games.

Translated by Hidetchi

8 Professionl Players to Offer Teching Games to the World Shogi League Winners

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Published at: 2016-10-27 09:50

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World Shogi League is being held at 81 Dojo, an online shogi playing site under the patronage of the Japan Shogi Association. 8 professional players (7-Dan Hirotaka Nozuki, 7-Dan Eiji Iijima, 7-Dan Yasuaki Murayama, 7-Dan Makoto Tobe, 6-Dan Akira Nishio, 6-Dan Taichi Nakamura, 5-Dan Shingo Itou, 5-Dan Taichi Takami) will play online teaching games at 81Dojo with 4 winner teams (12 players).

7-Dan Hirotaka Nozuki
7-Dan Eiji Iijima
7-Dan Yasuaki Murayama
戸辺 誠七段
7-Dan Makoto Tobe
西尾 明六段
6-Dan Akira Nishio
6-Dan Taichi Nakamura
5-Dan Shingo Itou
5-Dan Taichi Takami

What is World Shogi League?

World Shogi League is an international team championship started in January 2016, each country form one or more 3-player teams and play in round-robin leagues (4 leagues consisting of A, B, C, and D). 28 countries from 6 continents are currently participating, and each team play one match per month. The organizer is Mr. Peter Heine Nielsen (a chess grand master, and represented Denmark in the International Shogi Forum in Shizuoka).
The teaching games will be played around January and February next year. The games can be watched by any online users at 81Dojo.

Mr. Peter Heine Nielsen (Right. December 7, 2014.) player against Meijin Yoshiharu Habu at the International Shogi Forum in Shizuoka.

Translated by Hidetchi

Replacement of the Challenger to the 29th Ryuou 7-game Title Match

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Published at: 2016-10-12 19:25

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We hereby announce that 9-Dan Hiroyuki Miura will not take part in the 29th Ryuou 7-game Title Match starting at the Tenryu-ji Temple in Kyoto on October 15th & 16th.
According to the regulations, 9-Dan Tadahisa Maruyama, who was Miura's opponent in the challenger deciding match, has been promoted to the challenger, and will play against Ryuou Akira Watanabe.
The Japan Shogi Association decided on October 12th to hold 9-Dan Miura under punitive suspension from all games until December 31st, 2016.
The replacement of the challenger has been also agreed by the sponsoring Yomiuri Newspaper.

【Comment by Chairman Koji Tanigawa
We apologize to the related parties and the shogi fans for causing the troubles and inconveniences. We hope that the title match games will be historically great ones.

【Comment by 9-Dan Tadahisa Maruyama】
Although I do not personally support the decision by the Association, I will do my best when playing this title match of Ryuou Championship, which is the highest ranked tournament in the shogi world.

Translated by Hidetchi

New 4-Dan Players | Sota Fujii (Youngest 4-Dan Ever) and Takahiro Ohashi

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Published at: 2016-09-03 10:55

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Shoureikai 3-Dan Sota Fujii and Takahiro Ohashi have obtained the right to become 4-Dan, after playing the 18th and the 19th games of the 59th Shoureikai 3-Dan League (April ~ September 2016) on September 3rd at Shogi Kaikan. The final results are 13 wins and 5 losses for Fujii, and 12 wins and 6 losses for Ohashi. They become 4-Dan on October 1st.
The age of Fujii at the time of promotion to 4-Dan will be 5 months younger than the current record of 14 years and 7 months by 9-Dan Hifumi Kato. Fujii becomes the youngest professional player in the age of 14 years and 2 months, as well as the fifth junior high school student professional player following 9-Dan Hifumi Kato, 9-Dan Koji Tanigawa, 3-Crown (Oui, Ouza, and Kisei) Yoshiharu Habu, and Ryuou Akira Watanabe. He is also the first professional player of the 21st century, who was born in 2002. For more detail, see the records listed below.
The 3rd player in the league was Shoureikai 3-Dan Takayuki Kuroda.


Sota Fujii, Professional Player ID = 307


Date of birth
July 19th, 2002 (14 years old)
Seto city, Aichi
Currently resides in
Same as above
Pupil of
7-Dan Masataka Sugimoto
Enrollment in Shoureikai
September 2012
Enrollment in 3-Dan League
April 2016 (from the 59th league)
Favorite strategy
Bishop Exchange
Background of starting playing shogi
Learned from hes grandmother when he was 5 years old
Educational career
Currently in the 2nd grade in the Junior High School Attached to Nagoya University, Faculty of Education
Winner of the Mate Problem Solving Championship two times in a row in 2015 and 2016
"I wanted to decide my promotion today. I am happy that I could. 3-Dan League looked very different from lower classes. There is no professional player whom I see as a target. I want to become a very strong player, seeing shogi as traditional culture."

Takahiro Ohashi, Professional Player ID = 308


Date of birth
September 22nd ,1992 (23 years old)
Shingu city, Wakayama
Currently resides in
Osaka city, Osaka
Pupil of
7-Dan Kazuharo Shoshi
Enrollment in Shoureikai
September 2006
Enrollment in 3-Dan League
October 2010 (from the 48th league)
Favorite strategy
Side Pawn Picker
Background of starting playing shogi
Started learning with his father when his was in the 4th grade in elementary school
Ranked 2nd in the 46th Rookie Championship in October 2015
"I could improve my skills pretty much in the 3-Dan League, and had a very good experience. I am happy that I achieved my aim of promoting to 4-Dan. My next aim is winning a title. I hope to play many games that can draw attention from the shogi fans."

Players who passed 3-Dan League in only one term (after 1987)

Term Year Name Age Results Starting position Number of players
1 1987, 1st half Daisuke Nakagawa 18 13 - 3 - 17
1 1987, 1st half Manabu Senzaki 17 12 - 4 - 17
3 1988, 1st half Hisashi Ogura 20 16 - 2 18 21
3 1988, 1st half Nobuyuki Yashiki 16 14 - 4 20 21
12 1992, 2nd half Takeshi Kawakami 20 15 - 3 32 32
24 1998, 2nd half Ayumu Matsuo 19 14 - 4 23 29
53 2013, 1st half Tatsuya Sanmaido 20 14 - 4 31 35
59 2016, 1st half Sota Fujii 14 13 - 5 27 29

Ten Youngest 4-Dan Promotions

  Name Date of birth Date of promotion Age
1 Sota Fujii 2002/7/19 2016/10/1 14 years 2 months
2 Hifumi Kato 1940/1/1 1954/8/1 14 years 7 months
3 Koji Tanigawa 1962/4/6 1976/12/20 14 years 8 months
4 Yoshiharu Habu 1970/9/27 1985/12/18 15 years 2 months
5 Akira Watanabe 1984/4/23 2000/4/1 15 years 11 months
6 Yuki Sasaki 1994/8/5 2010/10/1 16 years 1 month
7 Yasuaki Tsukada 1964/11/16 1981/3/5 16 years 3 months
8 Koru Abe 1994/10/25 2011/4/1 16 years 5 months
9 Toshiyuki Moriuchi 1970/10/10 1987/5/13 16 years 7 months
10 Nobuyuki Yashiki 1972/1/18 1988/10/1 16 years 8 months
Translated by Hidetchi

5-Dan Ryosuke Nakamura has been Promoted to 6-Dan

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Published at: 2016-09-02 07:15

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中村亮介六段 5-Dan Ryosuke Nakamura (30 years old) has been promoted to 6-Dan, winning the game described below.

Date of promotion
September 1st, 2016
The 75the Ranking League, C2-class
(opponent: 6-Dan Takehiro Ohira)
Ground of promotion
By the number of winning games (120 official games after becoming 5-Dan)

Translated by Hidetchi

Ms. Sakura Ishimoto has been Promoted to Ladies 2-kyu

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Published at: 2016-09-01 08:20

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石本さくら女流2級 Ms. Sakura Ishimoto (17 years old) of Kansai Kenshu-kai, B1-class submitted an application for Ladies Professional.
This makes her become Ladies Professional 2-kyu on September 1st, 2016.
Although new players start from Ladies 3-kyu in principle, Ms. Ishimoto has already entered the main round in the 3rd and the 4th Ricoh Ladies Ouza Championship, and therefore has qualified for Ladies 2-kyu, meeting the third condition described below.

Sakura Ishimoto
Date of birth
January 27th, 1999 (17 years old)
Educational career
Currently in 3rd grade in Osaka Gakugei High School
Currently resides in
Suita city, Osaka
Pupil of
7-Dan Nobuo Mori
B1-class of Kansai Kenshu-kai
Listening to music
Background of starting playing shogi
Started to learn in a shogi class, after seeing her friends playing shogi in the class room when she was 4th grade in elementary school.
Winner of the 33rd Junior High School Tournament, Girls Class (2012)

Conditions for a Ladies 3-kyu to become 2-kyu

  1. The number of winning games is as many as that of the participated tournaments in 1 year.
  2. The number of winning games is 3/4 time as many as that of the participated tournaments in 2 years.
  3. Conditions for becoming Ladies 1-kyu in "Ladies Professional Promotion Regulations" are met.

If none of the above conditions are met within 2 years, the rank of Ladies 3-kyu becomes invalid, in which case one can move back to C2 class of Kenshu-kai.

Translated by Hidetchi