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New Professional 4-Dan Player

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Published at: 2016-02-21 21:30

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3-Dan Ryuma Tonari won both the 15th and 16th games in the 58th Shourei-kai 3-Dan League (October 2015 ~ March 2016) Kansai-region meeting, resulting in the game count of 14 wins and 2 losses, and decided his promotion to 4-Dan even before the final game. He will be promoted to 4-Dan on April 1st, 2016.

Ryuma Tonari


Date of birth
January 17th 1990 (26 years old)
Miyazaki-city, Miyazaki
Currently resides in
Fukushima-ward, Osaka
9-Dan Koji Tanigawa
Enrollment to Shourei-kai
September 2000
Enrollment to 3-Dan League
October 2007 (since the 42nd Shourei-kai 3-Dan League)
Favorite strategy
Central Rook
Background of starting playing shogi
By seeing his father and elder brother playing
I just concentrated on each of my own games, so I didn't notice I had decided my promotion. I felt the reality only after I reported it to my teacher (9-Dan Koji Tanigawa). I hope I can show the fans good games played with my own style, particularly at a big match like the final of Rookies Tournament that I played before.
Translated by Hidetchi

7-Dan Akira Inaba has been promoted to 8-Dan

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Published at: 2016-02-19 14:05

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稲葉 陽八段 7-Dan Akira Inaba (27 years old) has been promoted to 8-Dan, winning the game described below.

Date of promotion
Thursday, February 18th 2016
74th Ranking League, B1-class (opponent: Mamoru Hatakeyama)
Ground of promotion
Enrollment to Ranking League A-class

Translated by Hidetchi

Kenshu-kai Member Saki Satomi has Obtained the Right to be Ladies 3-kyu

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Published at: 2016-02-15 11:05

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Saki Satomi, a Kenshu-kai member, has been promoted to C1 class based on the latest results of 9 wins and 3 losses, by winning the 1st game of February's monthly meeting of Kansai Kenshu-kai held at Kansai Shogi-kaikan on February 14th. This gives her the right to become Ladies 3-kyu. If an application is made, she will be a Ladies Professional 3-kyu. Saki Satomi is the younger sister of Ladies Meijin / Oushou / Ou-i / and Kurashiki-Wisteria holder Kana Satomi
If she meets the below described condition for becoming 2-kyu, she will officially become a Ladies Professional player, making them the third pair of sister players following the Nakakura family and Oba family.

Saki Satomi
Date of birth
April 28th 1996 (19 years old)
Izumo-city, Shimane
Currently resides in
Izumo-city, Shimane
School career
Graduated from Tsukuba Kaisei High School
9-Dan Keiji Mori
Enrollment to Kenshu-kai
July 2012, in E1 class
Favorite strategy
Swinging Rook
Background of starting playing shogi
From her family (as the elder brother and sister started)

Conditions for a Ladies 3-kyu to become 2-kyu

  1. The number of winning games is as many as that of the participated tournaments in 1 year.
  2. The number of winning games is 3/4 time as many as that of the participated tournaments in 2 years.
  3. Conditions for becoming Ladies 1-kyu in "Ladies Professional Promotion Regulations" are met.

※If none of the above conditions are met within 2 years, the rank of Ladies 3-kyu becomes invalid, in which case one can move back to C2 class of Kenshu-kai.

Translated by Hidetchi

Ladies 3-kyu Aiko Takahama has been promoted to Ladies 2-kyu

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Published at: 2016-02-05 18:15

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高浜愛子女流2級 Ladies 3-kyu Aiko Takahama (31 years old) has been promoted to Ladies 2-kyu, winning the game described below.
Her Ladies Professional ID will be 54.

Date of promotion
Friday, February 5th 2016
Decided game
43rd Okada Museum Cup, Ladies Meijin Championship, Qualify Round
opponent: Ladies 1-Dan Momoko Nakamura
Ground of promotion
Winning the same number of games as that of the tournaments one participated in last 1 year

※Listed below are the tournaments counted in the above mentioned 1 year.
・23rd Meijin Oyama's Cup, Kurashiki Wisteria
・37th Kirishima Brewing Industry's Cup, Ladies Oushou Championship
・5th Ricoh Cup, Ladies Ouza Championship
・9th Mynavi Ladies Open
・27th Ladies Ou-i Championship
・43rd Okada Museum Cup, Ladies Meijin Championship

Translated by Hidetchi

10 Top Players in the Prize and Game Money Ranking 2015

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Published at: 2016-02-05 14:00

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The annually-presented "Prize and Game Money Ranking" of 2015 resulted in the 10 top players listed below

2015 Total Prize and Game Money, 10 Top Players

Rank Name Amount Last year's rank
1 Meijin Yoshiharu Habu 11,900 (11,499) 1
2 8-Dan Tetsurou Itodani 5,531 (1,563) 12
3 Ryu-ou Akira Watanabe 4,577 (6,684) 3
4 9-Dan Toshiyuki Moriuchi 3,450 (8,374) 2
5 8-Dan Hisashi Namekata 2,689 (2,090) 6
6 8-Dan Amahiko Satou 2,616 (966) 21
7 Oushou Masataka Gouda 2,467 (2,340) 4
8 7-Dan Masayuki Toyoshima 2,459 (2,160) 5
9 9-Dan Kouichi Fukaura 2,373 (1,720) 8
10 8-Dan Akihito Hirose 2,042 (1,356) 15


※ The statistics period is January 1st 2015 ~ December 31st 2015
※ The number between the braces is from 2014. The Unit of the numbers is 10,000 yen. Numbers are only estimation.
※ Habu has been ranked 1st for 2 consecutive years, and 21 times in total.
※ In Ladies Professional, Kana Satomi (Ladies Meijin, Ladies Ou-i, Ladies Oushou, and Kurashiki Wisteria) was ranked 1st for 5 consecutive years.

Translated by Hidetchi

"Satoshi-no-Seishun" to be made into a film. Ken-ichi Matsuyama to play the lead.

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Published at: 2016-02-04 10:30

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Satoshi Murayama was called a "genius shogi player", and died in the age of 29. The original of the planned film is a novel dealing with Satoshi's sublime life fully dedicated to shogi despite his incurable disease, and it receives 5 stars at Amazon with many comments of praise.
Murayama, called the "big and strong kid" was often compared with Habu with the saying "Habu on the East, Murayama on the West", but died of an intractable kidney nephrosis in the middle of the way towards his dream. He suffered from the incurable disease from his childhood when he was hospitalized many times. One day he happened to start being strongly attracted to shogi, when his father showed it to him in the hospital. Ever since then he kept going for his determined goal of taking the Meijin title.
 The leading actor who plays Satoshi Murayama is the famed actor Ken-ichi Matsuyama. Despite being under the heavy pressure of playing the role of a genius shogi player who dedicated all his life to shogi, Matsuyama repeatedly visited Shogi-kaikan, trying to approach Satoshi Murayama closely both in mental and physical way.

Leading actor
Ken-ichi Matsuyama
Original author
Yoshio Osaki
Yoshitaka Mori
Kousuke Mukai
Autumn, 2016
Translated by Hidetchi

Report: The 28th Ryu-ou Title Acquisition Ceremony

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Published at: 2016-01-19 16:05

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On Monday, January 18th, 28th Ryu-ou Title Acquisition Ceremony for Ryu-ou Akira Watanabe was held at the Imperial Hotel in Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo, attended by 150 guests including shogi fans and related parties. Winners of the Ryu-ou Ranking Tournaments also received medals on the same day.

Presentation of Ryu-ou Recommendation Letter (On the right is JSA Chairman Koji Tanigawa)

Presentation of Ryu-ou Cup (On the right is Shouichi Oikawa, Supreme Advisor of Yomiuri Newspaper Group)

Presentation of medals to the winner of each class of Ranking Tournament
第28期竜王就位式_03 第28期竜王就位式_04
Left: Class-1 winner: Meijin Yoshiharu Habu
Right: Class-2 winner: 7-Dan Akira Inaba
第28期竜王就位式_05 第28期竜王就位式_06
Left: Class-4 winner 6-Dan Takuya Nagase
Right: Class-5 winner 6-Dan Shintarou Saitou
Class-6 winner 5-Dan Shouta Chida

Congratulatory speech by the guest of honor (Katsunori Aoki, Mayor of Katsushika-ward, Tokyo)

Presentation of bouquet (by students of Children's Shogi School "Kiyu-kan")

Speech of thanks by Ryu-ou
I always wanted to become the Ryu-ou again, hearing people still calling me "Ryu-ou" even when I had lost it. I didn't think I would get a chance this early. This time I had a special feeling about playing against Ryu-ou Itodani in that I play a title match against a younger opponent than me for the first time. Because of that, I was so tense, thinking that I must not lose this match. The 5th game, which became the deciding game, happened to be a king-entering game by the opponent, and just ended all of a sudden, so I couldn't feel it was real. But now that I've gone through this Acquisition Ceremony, I'm feeling the reality of becoming the Ryu-ou again, and I am very happy. The next year I will be on the side to defend the title. I will try to defend it for as many terms as possible.

Translated by Hidetchi

JSA approves the mobile app of 81Dojo

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Published at: 2016-01-18 15:15

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On January 18th, the Japan Shogi Association approved the mobile app of 81Dojo, owned by Tomohide Kawasaki and known for its contribution to international shogi promotion, following the approval of its desktop gaming site.

81Dojo is an international online shogi playing site having a multilingual system, and was first approved by the JSA on December 12th 2013.
This time the mobile apps for iOS and Android released in Autumn 2015 have been additionally approved.
The first non-Japanese Ladies Professional 3-kyu Karolina Styczynska improved her skill on this site before.
The JSA will keep to support the site and mobile apps of 81Dojo.

News rlease of the first approval of 81Dojo on December 12th 2013
JSA grants patronage to the international online shogi site "81Dojo"


iOS app:
Android app:

A non-profit site allowing completely free-of-charge use
(Note) To play rated games on the mobile app, a user registration on the desktop website followed by 5 rated games on the desktop app is required.

Comment by 81Dojo owner Tomohide Kawasaki:
We are happy to announce the release of our new mobile apps, responding to the requests by the desktop site users. We would like to thank JSA for granting us the approval following the desktop app version. We hope the 81Dojo users will experience the fun and joy of teaching and learning shogi together with many shogi fans around the world.

Translated by Hidetchi

Sad News: 9-Dan Shouji Kenmochi

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Published at: 2016-01-08 15:45

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9-Dan Shouji Kenmochi (81 years old) died of heart failure on Thursday, January 7th 2016 in a hospital in Nishi-Tokyo city, Tokyo.
We hereby address our deepest condolences.

Translated by Hidetchi

Online preliminary tournament to decide the foreign guest player to the 6th Ricoh Cup Women's "Ouza" Shogi Championship Tournament

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Published at: 2016-01-08 10:30

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The foreign guest player to the 6th Ricoh Cup Women's "Ouza" Shogi Championship Tournament will be decided with an online preliminary tournament as described below. The winner will be invited to Japan to participate in the 1st Qualify Round of the 6th Ricoh Cup Women's "Ouza" Shogi Championship Tournament held on May 22nd. The travel and hotel expenses of the guest player will be borne by the organizer.

Selection method
One guest player will be selected in an online tournament held on "81Dojo", the international online shogi site popular with foreign players. For the details of the rules and regulations, please refer to the separate document.
Requirements for participation
A female player, who:
(1) has a non-Japanese nationality
(2) resides outside Japan (Residents of Japan are requested to apply for the Amateur Preliminary.)
(3) can, as the winner, travel to Japan to participate in the 1st Qualify Round of the Women's "Ouza" Championship (If the winner is younger than 18, one guardian may accompany her. The organizer will bear the travel and hotel expenses of the guardian as well.)
(4) can play online at 81Dojo
How to register
For the registration, a recommendation by a shogi association/federation is required. Please fill out the application form and send it to a foreign branch of the Japan Shogi Association or a major shogi organization of the country. Up to 3 players can participate from a country. For more details, please refer to the separate document.
Deadline for registration
February 13th
February 27th ~ March 13th Online Preliminary, 1st Round
March 26th ~ March 27th Online Preliminary, Finals
May 22nd The 6th Ricoh Cup Women's "Ouza" Championship, 1st Qualify
Contact (Executive office of the Online Preliminary, the 6th Ricoh Cup Women's "Ouza" Shogi Championship Tournament.)
「Points of Entry」
「Application Form」
「Tournament Regulations」
Translated by Hidetchi