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Notice: Promotion and Retirement of Players

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Published at: 2020-04-01 08:00

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Promotion and retirement of Shogi players as of 2020/4/1 is as follows.

■ Promotion

Hattori Shinichiro to 4-Dan      66th Shoreikai 3-Dan league
Taniai Hiroki    to 4-Dan      66th Shoreikai 3-Dan league
Orita Shogo        to 4-Dan      Pass the professional transfer examination
Katsumata Kiyokazu to 7-Dan      Free class promotion criteria
Kosaka Noboru to 8-Dan Retired player promotion criteria Oshima Eiji to 8-Dan Retired player promotion criteria
Shimizu Ichiyo to Ladies 7-Dan Superb achievement Satomi Kana to Ladies 6-Dan Superb achievement
Mizumachi Miyu to Ladies 1-Dan Annual win ratio 0.5 or higher (8wins or more) Fujii Nana to Ladies 1-Dan Annual win ratio 0.5 or higher (8wins or more) Wakita Nanako to Ladies 1-Dan Annual win ratio 0.5 or higher (8wins or more) Nodasawa Ayano to Ladies 1-Dan Retired Ladies player promotion criteria
Ishizuka Tooru Coaching 6-Dan Coaching criteria Tsukioka Daisuke Coaching 4-Dan Same as above Honda Tsutomu Coaching 2-Dan Same as above Kawashima Makoto Coaching 2-Dan Same as above
■ Retirement
Kiriyama Kiyosumi 9-Dan Free class criteria Tosa Koji 8-Dan Same as above Ito Hirofumi 7-Dan Same as above Fujikura Yuki 5-Dan Same as above
Takamure Sachiko Ladies 4-Dan Ladies player retirement criteria Sanada Ayako Ladies 2-Dan Same as above Nodasawa Ayano Ladies 1-kyu Same as above
Translated by Hattorium130

Satomi Kana Ladies 4-crown received Shimane Prefectural Honor Award

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Published at: 2020-03-27 10:00

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Satomi Kana Ladies 4-crown received "Shimane Prefectural Honor Award" at Shimane Prefectural Office on 2020/3/19.
Her achievement of Ladies 6-crown and 11 consecutive titles of Ladies Meijin-sen, both of which were the first time of Shogi history, were recognized for her award.
She was the second person who received the award.

shimane-satomi1.jpgAwards Ceremony

shimane-satomi3.jpgCommemorative photo: Maruyama Tatsuya (Governor of Shimane), Satomi Kana 4-crown, Her parents (left to right)

Satomi Kana 4-crown met with Governor Maruyama

Translated by Hattorium130

Watanabe Akira defended Osho title - 7th game of 69th Osaka Osho title 7-match

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Published at: 2020-03-26 10:30

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7th game of 69th Osaka Osho title 7-match, where Hirose Akihito 8-Dan challenged Watanabe Akira Osho, was held at Sado Green Hotel Kiraku in Sado, Niigata during March 25 to 26. Watahabe Osho beat Hirose 8-Dan with 153 moves and won 4 games.

Watanabe Osho defended the 7-match game title with 4 wins and 3 losses, and won his 4th time Osho title.

You can check the details on The Mainichi Newspapers or Sports Nippon Newspaper issued March 27th.

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Translated by Hattorium130

Watahabe Akira Kio defended his title - 4th game of 45th Kio 5-match

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Published at: 2020-03-17 08:55

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4th game of 45th Kio 5-match, where Honda Kei 5-Dan challenged Watanabe Akira Kio, was held at Togo Jinja in Shibuya, Tokyo on March 17th. Watanabe Kio beat Honda 5-Dan with 96 moves and won 3 games.

Watanabe kio defended the title with 3-1 and won Kio title 8 times in a row.

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Translated by Hattorium130

Orita amateur shogi player has passed the professional transfer exam!

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Published at: 2020-02-26 06:00

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On Tuesday, February 25, amateur shogi player Orita Shogo took the fourth game of the professional transfer exam at Shogi Kaikan in Tokyo. As a result, Orita amateur player won to Honda Kei 5-Dan, and he passed the exam with his third win. Orita will become a shogi player on April 1, 2020.

【Results of transfer exams】
First game (November 25, 2019) ●Kuroda Takayuki 4-Dan-○Orita amateur player
Second game (December 23, 2019) ○Deguchi Wakamu 4-Dan-●Orita amateur player
Third game (January 27, 2020) ●Yamamoto Hiroshi 4-Dan-○Orita amateur player
Fourth game (February 25, 2020) ●Honda Kei 5-Dan-○Orita amateur player

【Comment from Orita Shogo】
I still have a strange feeling that I am becoming a professional player. In today's game (February 25), I couldn't make a decision for the move, and I had some difficulties in the middle of the game. It was not surprising me to lose the game after the victory seems certain. By distributing the YouTube video, I received a lot of feedback and these are motivating me to face to shogi. I would like to continue distributing YouTube as a professional shogi player.

【Profile of Orita Shogo】
・Hometown : Osaka
・Date of birth : October 28th, 1989
・Pupil of : Moriyasu Masayuki 7-Dan
・Enrolled to Shoureikai as 6-Kyu, 2004 (pupil of Moriyasu), withdrawn on 2016 as 3-Dan

Comments from the players


Sato Yasumitsu 9-Dan, President of The Japan Shogi Association
Congratulations on passing the professional shogi player transfer exam. All 4 games were very impressive. I am looking forward for your success as a shogi player that goes beyond the boundaries of the shogi world, making use of your individuality.


Segawa Shoji 6-Dan
Congratulations, Mr. Orita. I am very happy as a senior of the professional transfer.
Many people must have been encouraged by his excellent performance. I was encouraged, too. I'm looking forward to playing professional matches.


Imaizumi Kenji 4-Dan
Congratulations, Mr. Orita. Your achievement with believing in your power was really wonderful. And now the real match will start. Of course you have to win in shogi, but I think what you should do more than winning the game is to be loved by our fans. Each shogi player has their roles. Let's do what only you can do, and work hard together in the shogi world.

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Translated by Kaoruko Sasaki

Watanabe Osho vs Hirose 8-Dan - 4th Game of 69th Osaka Osho Cup

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Published at: 2020-02-19 08:00

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The fourth game of the 69th Osaka Osho Cup Osho Tournament seven-game match, where Hirose Akihito 8-Dan is challenging Watanabe Akira Osho, will be held in Hotel Kagetsuen in Hakone, Kanagawa prefecture on February 20 and 21.

Watanabe won the first and third games, while Hirose won the second game.
The result of the fourth game has become very important — will Watanabe “check the king” to defend his Osho title, or will Hirose get closer to grabbing the title?

This is the defending match for Watanabe, who came back as Osho for the third time last year.
For Hirose, this is his first challenge to the Osho title.

Watanabe and Hirose have played 29 official games so far, with Watanabe winning 17-12.

The seven-game match of the Osaka Osho Cup Osho Tournament will be broadcast live on The Mainichi, the Osho Tournament live reporting blog and the Japan Shogi Association’s broadcasting app for smartphones.

The games will also be broadcast live on Shogi Premium (*paid registration required).

Translated by Ayako Ishimoto

81Ou League is back to 81dojo

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Published at: 2020-02-16 13:00

The long gone 81Ou league is back!
As the veteran users of 81dojo know, 81Ou means the King of 81dojo.
You can find more information about the tournament on this page: 81Ou League
(you need to be logged in to apply)
Written by oneye

Nishiyama Tomoka Shoreikai 3-Dan Aims at First-time Ever Female Professional

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Published at: 2020-02-16 13:00

Nishiyama Tomoka, the only female player in the Shoreikai 3-Dan League at the moment, won two games in the 66th 3-Dan league on February 16, 2020. As a result, she is now ranked 3rd in the league. Depending on the result of the two remaining games for the league, which are scheduled to take place on March 7, there is a possibility that Nishiyama will become the first-time ever female professional player in shogi history.
Written by Ayako Ishimoto

Honda Kei 5-Dan Beats Watanabe Kio to Gain His First Win in 45th Kio 5-game Match

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Published at: 2020-02-16 09:15

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The second game of the 45th Kio Tournament five-game match, where Honda Kei 5-Dan is challenging Watanabe Akira Kio, was held at Utsunomiya Grand Hotel in Utsunomiya, Tochigi prefecture on February 16. Honda beat Watanabe in 97 moves and gained his first win.

If Honda wins the match, he will be the Kio for the first time, and the Kio will be his first title.

The third game will take place at Niigata Grand Hotel in Niigata, Niigata prefecture on March 1.

The five-game match of the Kio Tournament will be broadcast live on Niconico Live, Abema TV, the Kio Tournament live reporting website and the Japan Shogi Association’s broadcasting app for smartphones.

Translated by Ayako Ishimoto

ShogiHub volunteers meeting in Tokyo

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Published at: 2020-02-15 14:00

Shogi Hub volunteers met for the first time in Shogi Cafe "Cobin" in Tokyo.
Our team had a chance to get to know each other face to face, and to share our passion for shogi promotion abroad. We hope to improve ShogiHub with our new ideas!

Written by oneye