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Kato Momoko Shoureikai 1-Dan becomes Ladies Professional player 3-Dan from April

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Published at: 2019-03-27 06:30

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Kato Momoko Shoureikai 1-Dan, aged 24, resigned from Shoureikai and submitted her application for Ladies Professional player.
Hence she becomes Ladies Professional player 3-Dan on April 1st 2019, based in Tokyo branch.
Acknowledging her achievement of total 8 titles (4-time Queen, 4-time Ladies Ouza), the JSA entitles her to Ladies 3-Dan, as opposed to Ladies 1-Dan in accordance with the original regulation of Shoureikai; “In case a female Shoureikai member, who holds 2-Kyu or higher, resigns from Shoureikai she is entitled to Ladies Professional player with the same Kyu or Dan of Shoureikai”.

Kato Momoko
Date of Birth
March 9th, 1995 (aged 24)
Setagaya, Tokyo
Yasue Terutaka 8-Dan
Admission to Shoreikai
September, 2006
Ballet, Reading, Karaoke
Title match history
Appeared 12 times, won 8 times (4-time Queen, 4-time Ladies Ouza)
Translated by Hattorium130

Takebe Sayuri Ladies 3-Dan has been promoted to Ladies 4-Dan

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Published at: 2019-01-17 03:00

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Takebe Sayuri Ladies 4-DanTakebe Sayuri Ladies 3-Dan (40 years old)has been promoted to Ladies 4-Dan, winning the game described below.

Date of promotion
January 16th, 2019
1st Hulic Cup Seireisen, Qualify Round
(opponent: Kitao Madoka Ladies 2-Dan)
Ground of promotion
120 wins in official tournaments since becoming 3-Dan
Translated by Hattorium130

A letter of appreciation to Frank Rövekamp, ​​President of the Federation of European Shogi Associations

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Published at: 2018-08-24 06:00

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On Friday, August 24, the Japan Shogi Association presented a letter of appreciation to Frank Rövekamp, President of the Federation of European Shogi Associations (FESA).
It is because of his great achievement in his overseas spread. Specifically, he managed the European Championship (ESC / WOSC), energetically spread Shogi in Europe for many years, and served as an official interpreter at the International Shogi Forum held every three years.

フランク・レーヴェカンプ氏に感謝状贈呈_01 フランク・レーヴェカンプ氏に感謝状贈呈_02
JSA Chairman Yasumitsu Sato presented a letter of appreciation, a souvenir and a gold badge.

Translated by Yuuna Kurita

Suzuki Daisuke 8-Dan has been Promoted to 9-Dan

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Published at: 2017-03-02 05:00

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鈴木大介八段Suzuki Daisuke 8-Dan (42 years old) was promoted on March 1st, 2017, meeting the criteria in the game results.

Translated by Hidetchi

2016 Top 10 Game Money Ranking

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Published at: 2017-02-03 00:00

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10 top players in the annual game money ranking have been decided as below.

Rank Name Amount
(unit: 10,000yen)
Last year
1 3-Crown Yoshiharu Habu 9,150 1st (11,900)
2 Ryuou Akira Watanabe 7,390 3rd (4,577)
3 Meijin Amahiko Sato 5,722 6th (2,616)
4 8-Dan Tetsuro Itodani 3,543 2nd (5,531)
5 8-Dan Takayuki Yamasaki 3,206 17th (1,346)
6 Oushou Masataka Gouda 3,185 7th (2,467)
7 7-Dan Masayuki Toyoshima 2,492 8th (2,459)
8 9-Dan Tadahisa Maruyama 2,210 23rd (1,106)
9 9-Dan Hiroyuki Miura 1,997 12th (1,989)
10 9-Dan Kouichi Fukaura 1,849 9th (2,373)


  • 3-Crown (Oui, Ouza, Kisei) Yoshiharu Habu is ranked 1st for the 22nd time, 3 times in a row.
  • In Ladies Professional, Jo-ou Momoko Kato is ranked 1st for the first time.
Translated by Hidetchi

Find-the-Next-Move Problems, Highest Dan Level

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Published at: 2017-01-23 07:15

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ネット最高段位へ挑戦認定問題_01 ネット最高段位へ挑戦認定問題_02

ネット最高段位へ挑戦認定問題_03 ネット最高段位へ挑戦認定問題_04

ネット最高段位へ挑戦認定問題_05 ネット最高段位へ挑戦認定問題_06

ネット最高段位へ挑戦認定問題_07 ネット最高段位へ挑戦認定問題_08

ネット最高段位へ挑戦認定問題_09 ネット最高段位へ挑戦認定問題_10

ネット最高段位へ挑戦認定問題_11 ネット最高段位へ挑戦認定問題_12

12 or 11 correct answers: 8-Dan
10 correct answers: 7-Dan

Translated by Hidetchi

Find-the-Next-Move Problem, Advanced Level

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Published at: 2017-01-23 05:15

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上級ネット認定問題_01 上級ネット認定問題_02

上級ネット認定問題_03 上級ネット認定問題_04

上級ネット認定問題_05 上級ネット認定問題_06

上級ネット認定問題_07 上級ネット認定問題_08

上級ネット認定問題_09 上級ネット認定問題_10

上級ネット認定問題_11 上級ネット認定問題_12

12 or 11 correct answers: 6-Dan
10 or 9 correct answers: 5-Dan
8 or 7 correct answers: 4-Dan

Translated by Hidetchi

9-Dan Kato Won a Game in the Oldest Age

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Published at: 2017-01-20 10:40

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9-Dan Hifumi Kato won a game against 7-Dan Eiji Iijima in the 88th Kisei Tournament, Second Preliminaries held at Shogi Kaikan in Tokyo on January 20th, establishing a new record of winning a game in the oldest age of 77 years and 0 month, exceeding the former record by 9-Dan Yuzo Maruta of 76 years and 11 months.

Translated by Hidetchi

7-Dan Hirotaka Nozuki has been Promoted to 8-Dan

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Published at: 2017-01-20 10:05

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野月浩貴八段7-Dan Hirotaka Nozuki (43 years old) has been promoted to 8-Dan, winning the game described below.

Date of promotion
January 20, 2017
43rd Kiou Championship, Qualify Round
(opponent: 7-Dan Hisashi Ogura)
Ground of promotion
By the number of games won (Winning 190 games after promotion to 7-Dan)

Translated by Hidetchi

JSA and Third-party Committee Conclude Miura Incident to be False Allegation

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Published at: 2017-01-04 19:00

In the press conferences by the JSA and the third-party committee that took place on December 26 & 27, 2016, the incident has been officially concluded to be a false accusation. JSA acknowledged that 9-Dan Hiroyuki Miura is innocent of any wrongdoing; and apologized, promising to make every effort to ensure that Miura's reputation is fully restored.

81Dojo covers the details of the incident, translating key articles and documents into English.

81Dojo News Release: Third-party Committee Concluded Miura Incident to be False Allegation

Written by Hidetchi